Shizuoka Beer 5/3: Izu Koogen Brewery

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Guys like Good Beer and Country Boys, Beer Haiku Daily and BeerMason should be interested by this other brew by Izu Kogen Brewery in Ito City, Izu Peninsula!

Izu Kogen Brewery “Omuro” (ale)

Ingredients: Grain Malt, Hops
Alcohol: 5%
Contents: 300ml
Live yeast, unfiltered, unpasteurized.

Clarity: Slightly smoky (live yeast)
Colour: Orange
Foam: Very short head, fine bubbles
Aroma: Bread, oranges
Taste: Light. Oranges, persimmons, bread, grapefruit.
Short tail. Finishes with little welcome acidity and more oranges

Overall: Refreshing, quickly drunk.
Thirst-quenching beer!

Izu Kogen Brewery
413-0231 Ito City, Tomito, 1103-21
Tel.: 0120-513-540, 0557-513000
Fax: 0557-513001

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