Shrimp Snack

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Here is a simple snack recipe which my better (worse half?) came up with the other night:

Ingredients (2 people):
20 small shrimps
10 chickory/endive leaves
Thai Chili Sauce
Spices to taste
Deep fry powder
Oil (for frying/deep frying)

Use frozen or fresh shrimps. Take off any water by laying the shrimps between two sheets of kitchen absorbing paper.
In a bowl prepare a mixture of mayonnaise, Thai chili sauce, pepper and any spices you wish to add. Taste before using.
Drop all the shrimps in the bowl and mix with hot mayonnaise mixture.
Heat oil to 180 degrees Celsius.
Place chickory/endive leaves in two long dishes as in picture above.
Take two shrimps at a time and roll them together quickly in deep fry powder and drop them in deepfry oil.
Deep-fry for a minute and leave shrimps on an oil absorbing paper to take excess oil off.
Place them inside chickory leaves (see pic) and serve at once.

Dead simple and great with beer any time of the year!
I’m sure the Good Beer and Country Boys will agree with me!

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