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Yesterday’s (Today’s will appear tomorrow!) bento was definitely “Japanese” and could have, apart of some details, been fit for a vegetarian’s priorities!


The staple rice section included three different “inari sushi/Sushi in grilled tofu pouches”:

bento-2008-12-1e bento-2008-12-1f bento-2008-12-1g

1) Sushi rice (shari) mixed with “tobikko/flying fish roe”.
2) Sushi rice mixed with black and white sesame and “hijiki/sweet seaweed”.
3) Sushi rice mixed with minced Japanese-style cucumber pickles.


The “maki/rolls” are “natto/fermented soy beans” maki. Now, Rowena, these little leaves are actually “shiso/perilla” sprouts! Very popular here in Shizuoka Prefecture!


The “o-yatsu/accompaniment” included on a bed of finely chopped greens, yellow plum tomato wedges, mini red tomatoes, black olives, walnuts (for dessert), lettuce, home-made chicken ham (equivalent of turkey ham, but with chicken), processed cheese and more perilla sprouts!

Frankly speaking I was full for the day, but who am I to complain with such a good half! (I’m receiving a lot of stick with days with my comments on the Missus! LOL)

4 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/ Bento (43)”

  1. My shiso has gone to meet its maker. I thought it would be okay in the house while I was away, but apparently it ain’t so. That’s alright, next spring I will be growing several shiso plants!


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