What is wrong with fast food?

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By Patrick Harrington

_What is wrong with fast food?_

by Patrick Harrington

A lot.
The two big advantages are speed and price, but there are a number of
common grievances:
1. Food quality ranges from poor to crap.
2. Food is cooked from frozen, further diminishing the quality.
3. Premises are awful plastic-furnitured, fat-smelling cubes.
4. Staff wear false smiles and couldn’t care if we have a nice day or not.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

On a street corner in Thailand I once had a flash-fried vegetable dish cooked in a heartbeat. The vegetables were all local and fresh, and the chef simply spun them around a hot wok and emptied them straight onto a plate. This was the fastest food I have ever eaten. Delicious and wholesome.
And I’m sure the readers here can quote lots more examples that they have encountered on their travels.

If it can be done in Thailand, then why not in Japan, the US, Europe etc?

What is wrong with fast food? Nothing, in the right hands.

10 thoughts on “What is wrong with fast food?”

  1. I agree with you. However fast food as we know it – fries, sodas and burgers, the fast food chains, plastic decor, underpaid and overworked employees performing mechanical tasks (unfreeze, fry, serve) – is more that the food itself today. It is a lifestyle and a symbol. The fast food companies are influencial and greedy entities that have had enormous effects not only on the look of strip-malls, but also on the way food in grown, processed, distributed and marketed all over the world. I recently read the book “Fast Food Nation” and I recommend it for a great expose on the topic.

    The sad thing is that most kids in Thailans would probably rather eat at McDonalds than have a meal like your.


  2. Ah, fast food. I avoid it when I can. There are instances, when we are pressed for time that it just has to do. It is so depressing to me that I usually only have the choice of “burgers.” I would give anything to corner and order a flash-fried vegetable dish. I get all tingly inside just thinking about it.


  3. I totally agree!

    Fast food will eventually KILL you. As they say, “you are what you eat”, eat junk and guess what you become.

    Thank you for the post,


  4. Dear Jill!
    At least people now know what slow food or good fast food is.
    There is still a bright future when you realize more and more people take time to cook!


  5. Fast food is an American abomination…and now it’s spread to all corners of the World. I’m involved with my local Slow Food convivium. I try to adhere to it’s principles.


  6. Dear Stacy!
    Thank you so much for your kind comments!
    Foodbuzz was created in America for good reasons adn one of them is that Americans want good food, even if made quickly!
    I don’t worry about you guys! LOL


  7. I know what you mean. I don’t think I’ve ever had “good for you” fast food, but I’ve had some very good food given to me quickly. In Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia street vender’s set up portable Bar-B-Q smokers throughout the summer and you can get Bar-B-Qed everything for a reasonable price. Who in their right mind would want Micy’Dees or Subway over that. We, Americans, can be insanely dumb about our food choices. We do seem to be learning though.


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