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Yesterday’s bento was a very traditional Japanese one with the exception of the salad!


The rice part was “maze gohan/mixed rice”, that is it contained chunks of chicken, bits of “gobo/burdock roots”, carrot and fresh ginger, the whole seasoned with “shiro goma/white (actually light brown) sesame.

The “tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette” contained chopped “shiso/perilla leaves/ (Rowena, next time you make an omelette, think about it!).
Plenty of lettuce was provided to wrap the tamagoyaki in.
A salad of azuki beans, baby cucumber, corn and “hijiki/sweetened seaweed” and a few olives completed the dish.


As for the salad (seasoned later with dressing I keep at work), it consisted of fresh Shizuoka cress, mini tomatoes, more lettuce and pieces of chickory on a bed of finely chopped vegetables.
The little orange bits you see were my dessert: home-dried “kaki/persimmon”!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (46)”

  1. Dear Rowena!
    The best way to store shiso leaves is to keep them in a tightly closed tupperware-style box with a moist piece of kitchen paper in the vegetable compartment of your fridge. They should keep for 4~5 days this way.
    As for the omelette, cut them into fine strips and it should look fine!


  2. I shall remember that bit of advice next year when my shiso plants are ready to rock ‘n’ roll. I’m planning on at least half a dozen of them. BTW, do you know if the leaves can be stored in the freezer? Figuring that they would just cook in an omelette, the aesthetics shouldn’t be as important, no?


  3. Dear Liz!
    Greetings again and thank you for your kind comments!
    As for Foodbuzz, I explained the “situation” in today’s first posting!
    Sanma Is mackerel pike, only a cousin of the saba/mackerel (will run a post soon!)


  4. For some reason, I have not been able to get into your site through foodbuzz, but now I can??? I like reading your bento box blogs…oh well…Mackeral is really one of the best fish for us to eat(full of goodness for our arteries and bodies), but many people here over look it because they consider it too oily and do not know what to do with it…I love cooking it when I can find it!


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