Shizuoka Bars: Our Boozer! in Shizuoka City

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When Karl Emerson, a native from Birmingham City, U.K., opened Our Boozer in July 2003, customers were mostly expats in search for a homey waterhole. Things have slowly evolved since then. These days Japanese patrons make for a good half of the clientele, although English is still the prevalent language.
Karl, into his ninth year of residence, strives to create an easy-going environment where customers fel like “going abroad without leaving Japan”.
Parties of all kinds and budgets can be quickly arranged.

boozer-aussie-grill boozer-burger-new boozer-cottagepie
Typical pub food is plentiful at very reasonable prices:
Burger (750 yen), Lamb Grill (1,200 yen), Cottage Pie (850 yen) all served with generous garnish.

Abbot Ale, Carlsberg (after all, the owner’s name is Karl!) and Guinness are served at the tap at 750 yen~ a pint. All kinds of drinks and cocktails can be quickly prepared and served.
Among the attractions are a large TV screen for all major sports viewing, a pool table and an elctronic darts board.
The late hours and informal setting are conducive to making new friends in complete relaxation and freedom of movement as drinkers (and diners) can choose either to sit down, stand or walk around according to their preferences and companions.
A luxury in this crowded bustling city!

Our Boozer!
Koyamachi,Aoi Ku,Shizuoka, Japan, 420-0852
Telephone +81 (0)54 293 7029
Fax +81 (0)54 254 0505
Open from 6:45pm until late. Closed every Tuesday and the first Monday in every month.

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