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Greetings, everyone!

This is an appeal to all Foodbuzz friends who not only enjoy their drink(s) but also endeavor to share, compare and expand their tasting experiences and discoveries.

There are a lot of people out there who drink a lot, if I may indulge in the ever-corny expression, be it alcohol or just plain (but good) water!
One cannot ignore them any longer!

As much as savoring sublime food and creating outstanding recipes at home or in restaurants, drinking is an integral part of a meal. One may not attain a certain (elevated) epicurean knowledge and at the same time ignore the physical need for a large daily amount of liquid matter.
After all, until not so long ago, eating was limited to the obligation of feeding one’s body, while drinking was the sine qua non requisite to a meaningful social life, be it a glass of wine or a cup of tea!

Now, how about asking the Foodbuzz team to insert a “VIRTUAL BAR” or “TASTING”, or “BEVERAGES” portal/button besides “RECIPES” and “RESTAURANTS”, giving access to a featured page? It would certainly become more practical than having to submit tasting reports on “Recipes” or as a “blog post”!
Such a page could be expanded in many ways and categories. For example, a “DAILY TASTING” would emulate the successful “DAILY RECIPE”.
Classifications could be introduced:
-Wines: Red, White, Rose, Sparkling, Still wines, …
-Beer: Microbreweries, Lager, Ale, Port, Stout, ….
-Sake: Futsu/normal, Junmai, Honjozo, ….
-Spirits: Whiskies (single malt, ….),Schnapps, Vodka, Liqueurs, …
-Soft drinks: Tea, Coffee, Fruit juices, Vegan Drinks, Water, Mineral water, …

Judging from the very high number of present Foodies writing about their tasting adventures into the “RECIPES” section, a new page featuring only drinks would easily double the membership in a very near future!

Cheers, sante, Namaste, Kanpai, Prosit, Salute, Kanpai, Chin chin, ….!

Robert-Gilles Martineau

12 thoughts on “Foodbuzz Virtual Bar (proposal)”

  1. Drinks like cocktail, wine, liquor, beer, coffee, etc are compliments to each and every meal that we have, thus it is a good idea to include various types of drinks to in foodbuzz. In addition wine, beer, liquor and even coffee are also ingredient in our cooking.

    I vote yes for the idea!


  2. I could get behind that. I just recently started doing a virtual wine club and doing (uninformed, 😉 I admit it) wine reviews. It’s good times.


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