Foodbuzz Virtual Bar (second proposal): Submit a Drink!


Greetings, everyone!
You can’t stop the old geezer!

I recently made a proposal for a Foodbuzz Virtual Bar, but after some talks (Thanks, Natasha and Jen!) and a lot of thinking (not true, LOL, pining, I would say!), it might prove too big an enterprise for the Foodbuzz gurus to change the whole tool bar to accomodate a new “Tasting/Drinks/Bar” portal.

Now, until time and technology is found, a (momentarily) satisfactory solution could be to add a new item to the “Submit Foodbuzz” window called “Submit a Drink”!
To this, a whole range of alternate subdivisions could be added like in the “Submit a Recipe” item (courses, cuisines, diets, etc.) such as “Wines”, “Beers”, “Sake”, “Spirits”, Soft Drinks”, etc.

What do you all think?

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11 thoughts on “Foodbuzz Virtual Bar (second proposal): Submit a Drink!”

  1. I like the idea. I’m nearly as fascinated by cocktails as I am by food, and if money permitted would be making up drinks as often as I make up cupcakes!


  2. Dear Master of Drinking and Tasting…!

    I find your proposal very interesting and worth discussing about since food and drink are melted together in the haute couture of tasting. I don’t mean to start a topic here but some words must be spent on the cultural issue… [check this foodbuzz partner/antagonist site: for a RSS Wine feed]

    Actually, I would introduce then my favorite appetiz3r drink and post it on foodbuzz: Spriz! From Veneto (Italy)

    Alcoholic but still drinkable, it has same part of prosec and Aperol/Campari, and some drop of mineral water. I am not a bartender, but it’s surely a must have for appetizer!

    See you next buzz, ol’ geezer! Oliver


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