Gastronomic Destinations: Yakushima Island (3)

(Flying Fish Sashimi at Yakushima Toruism Center Restaurant)

Day 3: March 10th

Since we were not in so much of a hurry on that particular day,we thought some exercise would do us some good before the “long” bus ride, first Miyanoura and later to Nagata.


As I said in the previous posting, Iwasaki hotel is a located of its own enormous park stretching half way up the nearby mountain.


Haf an hour walk through the forest will lead you to a seclude spot overlooking a grand fall running through the trees in total natural wilderness!

We had in mind to visit Yakushima Tourism Center halfway to Nagat for the simple reason they have the best shop in the island where you will find not only a vast array of local food and products, but also plenty of island crafts.


Now, their restaurant upstairs deserves a visit if you want to taste real local food.
My wife ordered the Tobiuo/Flying Fish Sashimi set. The fish is so fresh it just melts inside the mouth.


I selected a full lunch set of a different kind.


It featured “kubi ore saba/fresh mackerel”. “Kubi ore” means “broken neck”. The fishermen actually break the fish just behind the head to ensure the fish will stay straight and fresh until it is served on your plate. Not easy to find in big cities as most mackerel are a little seared beforehand. In Yakushima it just comes off the boat! A totally different delicacy!
With a glass of Mitake “Aiko” Shochu, just perfect!

Yakushima Tourism Center
891-4205 Kagoshima Ken, Kumage Gun, Yakushima Cho, Miyanoura, 799 (just by the beach)
Tel.: 0997-42-0091
Fax: 0997-42-2081
Business hours: 08:00~19:00
Homepage (Japanese)



The beach along Nagata is renown for sea turtles laying their eggs there in June! Highly protected then you can be assured!
The sea gets deep very quickly there, but there are plenty of natural pools available for bathing!


No way you can miss your destination with such a bus stop!

Tsuwanoya Inn is not only great for its location near the sea and the mountains, but also for its service. A phone call will have the owner come an pick you up at the bus station!


Another reason is the impregnable view from the open-air bath/”rotenburo!

The inn is a family business helped with local smiling staff.
The food is within possibility completely local. Even the bread and jams are concocted in situ!


Thei dinners (always different every evening) and breakfasts (Japanese or continental) are very generous.

Our first dinner included:

Sahimi: Kampachi and Tai.

Kagoshima Black Pork pot.

All kinds of Japanese hors d’ouvres.

Simmered Cuttlefish.

And rice, miso soup and pickles.
A couple of glasses of local Mitake Shochu (tasting notes in the next posting!) and it was time for a quiet evening as we had a long trek planned for the next day!

891-4201 Kagoshima Ken, Kumage Gun, Yakushima Cho, Nagata, 3358-7
Tel.: 0997-45-2717
Fax: 0997-45-2465
Lunch and dinner can be reserved by non-guests.
Credit Cards OK
Dining room no-smoking-logo1
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)
To be continued.

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  1. Hihi Robert sanv:))

    Envy envy envy all the way…Japan is such a beautiful place..its food and the beautiful scenery….haha no wonder you have stayed there for so long 🙂 Thanks for sharing your joy with us.



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