Shizuoka Local Food at Local Sake Brewery!


Last Sunday, I was invited to taste the new sake brewed by Kansawagawa Brewery In Yui, Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City in the company of some old and new friends.
The purpose of the whole event was first to visit the brewery and being introduced to the arcan secrets of making sake:

yui-11 yui-12

yui-13 yui-14

I doubt that you are ready to read the whole sake brewery interview unless you are a sake fan. A more detailed report will eventually appear on Shizuoka Sake blog for the connoiseurs!


The Brewery owner. Mr. Masataka Mochizuki, is a bit different from your usual owner. Most of his colleagues in Japan do not interfere whatsoever with the brewing and care only about the sale. On the other hand, Masataka Mochizuki is very passionate and even stubborn about his sake. He is far more knowlegeable about the craft than many owners and truly enjoys explaining and discussing the art.


We had agreed on the idea to actually conduct the tasting of his new brews with purely local food.
A dinner was accordingly served to us inside the Brewery!
Now, Kansawagawa Brewery is located in Yui-Cho, Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City, a harbour renown all over Japan for its delicacy, “Sakura Ebi/Cherry Shrimp”, a variety found only in our Prefecture. The catches being strictly regulated, it is a rare morsel outside our Prefecture.


The dinner served to us included naturally rice and miso soup and:

Boiled Sakura Ebi Salad,


Sashimi plate. All seafood caught off Shizuoka shores!
Maguro/Tuna (top), Aji/Saurel and Hirame/Sole!


Sakura Ebi Kakiage/Sakura Shrimps Tenpura. I know a lot of people in Tokyo who would take the first train to taste that!


Freshly boiled Ika/Cuttlefish. Great with sake.
The small plate contains pickled sakura shrimps.


Grilled Ishidai/Snapper served cold. An extravagant morsel to go with sake!


And the sake!
The two with a “number” were not even for sale as they are still in the experimental phase!

Anyway, if you have the occasion to visit Yui, you will know that the real “package” is waiting for you!

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15 thoughts on “Shizuoka Local Food at Local Sake Brewery!”

    1. Dear Stacy!
      Very simple-looking but high-quality local food!
      I’m sure any land has the same to offer!
      Alright, we are a bit lucky in Shizuoka!


    1. Dear Friend!
      As far as sake brewed in Shizuoka, they are all rare when it come to the States.
      In the US, Hana no Mai, Kaiun and Wakatake are available. The last two are great!
      Talk to Tim at for more information!


  1. Hi there! Food and Drink.. lol! If you can e-mail me the information privately, when the bbq is, that would be fantastic = )


  2. Everything looks wonderful!! Thank you for the invite, I’ll have to send you my information and address… is it okay if my husband comes? lol


  3. Wow, what a delicious spread! I can’t wait to read your detailed report on sake making. Are you sure you’re not going to reveal any of Mr. Mochizuki’s long-held secrets? LOL! By the way, the sakura ebi tempura is enough to make one travel from the U.S. for a taste. Oishisou! Local seafood & local sake. It doesn’t get better than that!


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