Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/18)


Our little “differences” of the past two days seem to have spurred the Missus into a creative mood as far as my bento was concerned (Elin and Lojol are going to throw things at me!).


I will talk about the rice later.
The boiled egg appeared as “mimosa egg” this time. Some lettuce, “ameera rubbins” tomatoes (sweet and small, only grown in our Prefecture) and some shredded “takuan”/yellow pickled daikon.


The pinky things are “Chikuwa/Fish paste steamed around a stick to give them their tube shape”.
These particular ones are called “Sakura Chikuwa” because of their pink colour.
The Missus pushed some cut cucumber into two four cut pieces of them. As for the other two she pushed in a combination of shiso leaves, cucumber stick and “umeboshi/pickled Japanese plum” flesh. Similar to some sushi maki!


Now for the rice.
The Missus steamed the rice with a little dash of dashi stock, soy sauce and sake. She placed the contents of a tin of smoked oysters in oil on top before closing the lid and steaming the whole. Once ready, she mixed the contents inside the pan while they were hot (important!). She later added boiled broad beans/”sora mame”, Chinese pickled veg and black seame seeds.


As for the salad (to which I added dressing stored at work): on a bed of shredded veg, cheese, salad beans and more cut veg.

Took a big bottle of liquid yogurt for dessert.
Might as well as have an argument every Sunday evening!

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14 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/18)”

  1. Hey Robert, if you get hit , it is definitely not from me. Lol, you are too good to be thrown things at. If a little anger can get the Missus to prepare such nice bento….ar…do it more often then 😛



    1. Dear Christopher!
      Thank you for visiting and commenting!
      Actually, the Missus did it!
      The rice took 30 minutes, the rest 20 minutes!


  2. I’ve always had a fascination with bento lunches. Actually with Japanese cuisine in general.

    I like idea of the rice steamed with dashi, soy sauce and sake. Puts a nice twist to the place ol’ white rice.



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