French Gastronomy on Stamps (5): Basse Normandie


France has issued many stamps on food (not foodstamps!) on her own gastronomy for quite some time.
A new series will be issued on April 25th and wil be printed in the form of mini-sheets dedicated to a particular region with stamps, pics and explanations.
With the fifth of these sheets I’d like to introduce is Basse Normandie.
Interestingly enough The French Post has decided to depict the gastronomy of Basse Normandie (Lower Normandy) but to ignore Haute Normandie (Upper Normandy). Normandie, as it name says, is the land given to the Normans, Northmen, Vikings by a crafty Frnec King to keep them off Paris and guard the access to the Seine River.
It has since then been one of the richest gastronomic regions of France feeding Paris and many invaders during the Hundred Years War.

One can see the following specialties on the stamp sheet:
-Petit sale/Small salted mutton. Sheep grazing grass along the shores of Normandie ingest a good amount of salt blown by the winds, making their flesh extremely tasty and rid of the “usual smell”.
-Milk and Cheese (ever heard of Camembert?)

Other specialties include cider, calvados, omelettes (Mont Saint-Michel) and all kinds of cakes, biscuits and sweets (bonbons).
Oh, I forgot to mention that it lays along one of the richest fishing seas in France (Dover Sole for example that the English steal from us! LOL)

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