Pizza: Easy French Pissaladiere


Pissaladiere is the French version of the Italian Pizza.
It originated in southeast France.
The main difference is that it usually makes use for more vegetables and less cheese. Actually if it obviously does not look like a pizza, it can be called a pissaladiere!LOL
The merit of it is that it is usually lighter both in calories and taste.


My youngest brother, Francois, came up with this simple recipe.
As he works for Areva and has to spend a week every month in the States I believe he has been “influenced”!
For the bread base, he used a large frozen filo-style sheet. He first covered it with onions, large shallots and garlic, which he had cut into thin slices and previously fried in olive oil. He then covered them with a generous amount of thinly sliced ripe tomatoes (this was the end of the summer). Plenty of ground black pepper, herbes de Provence (dried aromatic herbs), a little salt and some secret seasoning (up to you there!) and that was it!
Baked into a hot oven to the right crispiness, it made for a great snack with some heady red wine!

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17 thoughts on “Pizza: Easy French Pissaladiere”

  1. Wonderful! My husband and I have our Pizza Night Thursdays so I am always looking out for new ways to have ‘pizza’. I recently posted about making one with eggroll wrappers and now, here’s one using phyllo! Please thank your brother for us.


    1. Dear Yvonne!
      There are many kinds although Babeth does not agree. She might be very right.
      I’m planning to run an article on Pissaladieres to help everyone!


  2. I’m all for the more veggies and less cheese approach. That looks really good right about now. It’s actually lunch where I am as I write this.


  3. That looks delicious. The use of Phyllo dough as the crust is a glorious idea!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog but more importantly, thanks for this GREAT “pissaladiere” idea – pizza and salad two of my favs! 🙂


  4. mmm…
    looks delicious!!!!
    i wish there is more specific recipe for that… lol

    i didn’t notice that you write novel also! wow…
    fantasy, right? i love fantasy novel, especially jrr tolkien…

    i wish i can read your novel…


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