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Great Pizza after a strollin at La Papi‐ge(ラ パピージェ) 藤枝 蓮華寺/


Today I decided it was time to take all my courage to go out for a small walk in Renge -ji, Fujieda.

Renge-ji is is a haven of peace in Fujieda city. Since the last years it got a lot of construction works within its compound : A more wide strolling alley, a shared place for small restaurants owners, more big toboggans !

Well today is not the day for talking about Renge-ji but do not forget to come there in any seasons, you may see cherry blossoms, wisterias, autumn colors and fantastic lotus flowers.

One may take care also about the giant hornets !

LA PAPI‐GE(ラ パピージェ) 藤枝 蓮華寺 is hard to miss, as it has a wide roof dominating the intersection of two roads. The italian(hish) colors may also giving you some clue about its position ! Not so far from the Starbucks, which is also close to the huge parking space for cars.

I didn’t had time to eat slowly in the restaurant, so I choosed the take out option.

I threw myself into two pizzas : The fungi Panna Cotto mais. Do not be surprised I ordered 2 pizzas, as I shared it with my family, the new years holidays did enough damages to my belly to not try to involve it in more unnecessary feast.

The pizza menu

Menu of the day

It should also be noted that in Japan at contrary than in France, where I am from and contrary in a lot of other countries, the japanese pizzas are pretty small. I never went to Italy but it is said that it is more close to what the traditionnal pizza is.

The prices are the following :

1060 yens for the Fongi,

1180 for the Panna Cotto Mais

The Fongi

For this one I was not sure about how much I could get satisfied with it, as it seemed to have few toppings on it. I was impressed by the perfect balance between the oignons, mushrooms and the really tasty tomato sauce.

The pizza dough was thin enough to not steal the taste of all the toppings and each mushroom was crunchy enough to give you the feeling that these few toppings will satisfy your stomach and have a mouth full of ingredients every time.

The Panna Cotto Mais

This one really impressed me by the basil taste reaching instantly once you put it on your taste buds. There was few basil leaves on this one but I could fin out there potential was fully used. A technical feat considering it is the winter season !

The cheese was also tasty and the combination of the basil, oil, and cheese is in the mouth was really fulfilling.

I would suggest to go there and have a cup of red wine to enjoy at its maximum the richness of the aroma of theses pizzas.

Note that I choosed the take out menu so my pizzas where cold. I guess the hot ones are really a treat. I totally recommend this place which is also widely recommended by the local people of shizuoka prefecture.

It warmly recommend as the prices are also under average for this quality of pizzas.

1 Chome-2-19 Nyakuoji, Fujieda, Shizuoka 426-0014 or 〒426-0014 静岡県藤枝市若王子1丁目2−19

Open for lunch and diner !

I suggest to make a booking as the place maybe crowded due to the popularity of the park.

Italian Gastronomy: Lunch at Pizzeria Regina in Shizuoka City!

Service: Shy but attentive
Equipment & Facilities: Overall very clean. Excellent Washroom. Entirely non smoking!
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: Wood oven baked pizzas. Lasagna. Wine list


These days, it has become easy to find high quality pizzas baked in ovens using wood only in Shizuoka City!


It is both open at noon and night, allowing guests for a great trial at lunch before taking more time at dinner!


Although they have a smaller menu for lunch on weekdays, on week ends you can order from the regular menu!


And an extra reason to visit is that it is entirely non-smoking!


The inside is unpretentious with a counter with 4 seats, one main room with 6=8 seats at table, a larger table for 4 on the other side of the counter and a party room for 8+ guests!


They exclusively use “nara no ki/楢の木”/Japanese oak in the oven!


The chef prepares his own leavened dough every day for super light pizzas!


Here in it goes!
What did I choose among the 15 pizzas on the menu?


Pizza Preziosa!


At 18 cm diameter each pizza is a full meal by itself!


But their lasagna is also a must!


Have a good look at it before starting!


Only high quality, pasta, cheese and meat there!

The first of many visits!

420-0034 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Tokiwa Cho, 2-3-8, Murakami Bldg., 1f (by the crossroads between Aoba Park and Showa Street)
Opening hours: 12:00~14:00, 18:00~22:00
Closed on Wedenesdays
cash only Entirely non smoking!


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Non gastronomy must-see sites by Shizuoka Residents

HIGHOCTANE/HAIOKU by Nick Itoh in Shizuoka City

Pizzeria: Summer Dinner at Venty-Due in Shizuoka City!

Photographs courtesy of Hiroya Unno

Service: Excellent and very friendly
Facilities: Great general cleanliness
Prices: Reasonable
Specialty: Real Napolitan Pizza baked on wood fire
no-smoking-logo1 Completely Non-smoking!

It has just become impossible to enter Venty Due in Shizuoka City without a reservation any more!
It took me a month to be able to take the IT staff of Agrigraph there!

The reasons are simple enough: They serve the best pizzas (Napolitan-style) in the whole Prefecture!
To achieve this, they use a real oven heated with “Nara no ki/Japanese oak” delivered all the way from Tottori Prefecture on the other side of Japan!
It takes two hours to bring the oven to the right temperature of 450 degrees Celsius, but then the pizza will come literally smoking on your plate within a few minutes from the moment you ordered them!

The dough for only thirty pizzas is fermented and leavened twice every day and the ingredients, altough simple, are of the best quality!

For thirsty people Italian beer and wines are available!

They serve only three kinds of pizza.
We had them all of course!
Here we go:

Margherita Pizza!

For a closer look!

Marinara Pizza!

For a closer look!

Bianca Pizza!

For a closer look!
Are you convinced?

if you still have a space to fill, do try one of their light dishes. We had the potato croquettes and cheese puffs assortment!

Just love those cheese puffs!
Simple maybe, but with great quality, great taste and great ingredients! What more can you ask for?

22 Venty Due
420-0839 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Takajyo Machi, 3-21-20
Tel & Fax: 054-260-4522
Business hours:18:00~21:30
Closed on Sundays
Reservations advised.


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Perfect Napolitana Pizza Trio at Venty Due!

Margarita Pizza!

Service: Excellent and very friendly
Facilities: great cleanliness
Prices: reasonable
Specialty: Real Napolitan Pizza baked on wood fire
no-smoking-logo1 Completely Non-smoking!

I had to come back to Venty Due and taste all their pizza on the same day/evening!
But I certainly couldn’t do it on my own and had to wait to find a friend to help me!
Finally this I could achieve last night!

As I explained before, the pizza will be on your plate within 3 minutes from the moment you order it: crusty to a perfection with all its ingredients cooked as they should be!
Why and how?
That is where “simple” becomes extravagant:
the pizza is cooked inside a real wood oven.
All wood is “nara no ki/Japanese oak” delivered all the way from Tottori Prefecture on the other side of Japan!
It takes two hours to bring the oven to the right temperature of 450 degrees Celsius, but then the pizza will come litterally smoking on your plate.

So we ordered the Margarita as a start since I had already tasted for better comparison with next two:

Marinara Pizza, with fresh tomatoes, peccorino, organo and olive oil!

Bianca, all peccorino!

The three of them quickly disappeared with a few glasses of solid Itlian red wine!

Did I say simple is best?

22 Venty Due
420-0839 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Takajyo Machi, 3-21-20
Tel & Fax: 054-260-4522
Business hours:18:00~21:30
Closed on Sundays
Reservations advised.

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Honey and Mint Pizza


Who doesn’t like pizza?
Just found this interesting recipe in my notes to please vegetarians:
Honey and Mint Pizza!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 people
-Pizza bread: enough for one large pizza. Excellent pizza bread can be bought through the Internet. Of course, home-made is best. I’m sure everyone has his/her own preferred recipe!
-Tomatoes]: medium big x 2
-Peeled tomatoes: 1 can
-Tomato puree: 2 large tabelspoons
-Ricotta cheese: 2 large tablespooons
-Mozzarella bi Bufala: 2 balls
-Fresh mint: 2 sprigs
-Honey (liquid): 2 large tablespoons
-Olive oil (EV)
-Ground pepper
(no salt needed, unless you are an addict!)


-Preheat the oven to 240 degrees Celsius

-Cover the bottom of the oven late with cooking paper brushed with olive oil.

-Cut the tomatoes into slices. Discard as much pulp as possible. Put aside.

-Drain the mozzarella balls with kitchen paper and cut into thin slices.
Wash and dry the mint leaves.

-Spread (unroll) pizza bread onto oiled cooking paper (yopu may think of 4 small individual pizzas, too!).
When you garnish the pizza bread, keep in mind to leave some room around the rim for crispy look!
Spread the tomato puree first, then peeled tomatoes. Add the ricotta as uniformly as possible. Cover with tomato slices. Sprinkle with olive oil and bake in oven for 15 minutes.

-Take out the pizza and place the mozzarella slices. Put back into oven for 5 minutes.

-Take out of the oven. decorate with mint leaves and pour the honey over the whole pizza as uniformly as possible.

-Eat at once!

This is a basic suggestion.
Some people will like to add garlic, basil and so on.
I kept it as simple and healthy (no salt) as possible!

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French Pissaladiere: Recipe, History, Facts & Etymology


When Babeth pointed out that my brother’s creation ought to be called something else, I decided to investigate.
I must say that I gladly owe her an apology and will tell Francois to rename it something like “French-style healthy Pizza”!
Being aware of my younger brother’s character, I’m in for some flak from both sides of the World!

Now for Wikipedia’s definition:

[Pissaladiere or Pissaladina (pissaladiera in Provençal, “piscialandrea” in Ligurian) is a type of pizza made in southern France, around the Nice, Marseilles, Toulon and the Var District, and in the Italian region of Liguria, especially in the Imperia district. Believed to have been introduced to the area by Roman cooks during the time of the Avignon Papacy, it can be considered a type of white pizza, as no tomatoes are used. The dough is usually thicker than that of the classic Italian pizza, and the topping consist of: sauteed (almost pureed) onions and anchovies. No cheese is used, again unlike the Neapolitan pizza, however in the nearby Italian town of San Remo mozzarella is added. Now served as an appetizer, it was traditionally cooked and sold early each morning.

Another view held by food specialists is that pissaladiere is not a pizza, but a flat open-face tart garnished with onions, olives, anchovies and sometimes tomato. The etymology of the word seems to be from Old French pescion from the Latin piscis.]

I would tend to believe that Pissaladiere is more a local Provence gastronomic creation, although one must remember that Provence (the name itself could mean province/colony) changed hands many times including those of the Celts, Greeks, Romans and Italians.

Knowing the French propensity for arguments, some will soon (and rightly so) point out that after all, it is only another “poor people’s” food, like bouillabaisse, aligot or fondue (or pizza, or pasta!), which has turned into a fashionable gastronomy with the consequent “evolution”!

This “battle” is not confined to France or Europe but as far as the States as illustrated in the excellent posting by Daria in Paris. But it can also bring people together like Brunsli so funnily described!

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Pizza: Easy French Pissaladiere


Pissaladiere is the French version of the Italian Pizza.
It originated in southeast France.
The main difference is that it usually makes use for more vegetables and less cheese. Actually if it obviously does not look like a pizza, it can be called a pissaladiere!LOL
The merit of it is that it is usually lighter both in calories and taste.


My youngest brother, Francois, came up with this simple recipe.
As he works for Areva and has to spend a week every month in the States I believe he has been “influenced”!
For the bread base, he used a large frozen filo-style sheet. He first covered it with onions, large shallots and garlic, which he had cut into thin slices and previously fried in olive oil. He then covered them with a generous amount of thinly sliced ripe tomatoes (this was the end of the summer). Plenty of ground black pepper, herbes de Provence (dried aromatic herbs), a little salt and some secret seasoning (up to you there!) and that was it!
Baked into a hot oven to the right crispiness, it made for a great snack with some heady red wine!

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Pizza: Bourgogne-style Escargots Pizza


The Italian are not the only ones to make pizzas!
The French do to, and I have this very, very simple recipe for a Bourgogne-style pizza!

Prepare your own pizza dough, it’s so much better. Brush with plenty of tomato sauce (I recommend basil). Place plenty plenty of mozzarella slices all over it.
Next use frozen ready-made (or home-made. A good way to use any leftovers!) escargots with their butter. A few black olives, some ground black pepper, et voila!

Even my American friends won’t leave a crumb!

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Simple Recipes: Potato Pizza

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Have you ever wondered how to make a pizza when you do not have the bread dough or the ready-made bread? Have you ever thought that for once you could bypass the bread and it its soggy appearance as soon as it has cooled down/

The solution is cheap, easy to prepare, tasty (I can hear the fried potato addicts lick their lips in anticipation…) and open to infinite variations!

Now, how do you prepare that?

For the pizza above, I used 3 large potatoes (enough for 4 persons). If you plan to make a very large one, say use 5 or 6 potatoes, but the it will become pretty thick. Better experiment first!

Peel the potatoes and shred them as thin as possible. Wash them under running water, drain them thoroughly and take as much moisture off in cloth or kitchen paper towel. Put them in a large bowl and add salt, pepper according to your need. I always add a generous amount of nutmeg. Mix well.
In a large non-stick frying pan of the size wanted for the pizza, pour two tablespoons of olive oil and heat sufficiently. Put all the potatoes in the frying pan and spread them evenly. Press the whole upper surface with a spoon, spatula or flat piece of metal to help potatoes to adhere quickly. Fry on middle fire until the potatoes have become translucent on the whole upper surface. Check how cooked the lower surface then. Wait until it has become a deep brown colour. Only then, should you be able to turn it over without breaking it. When both sides have cooked to a crispy dark brown colour slide onto an oven plate covered with baking paper. Let it cool a bit.
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
As for the garnish, it is entirely up to your imagination!
Usually I first brush the “potato bread” with tomato ketchup or puree and Thai sweet chili sauce. Then I had bacon (raw or fried/skip them if you are vegetarian!), thin slices of onion or Belgian shallots, at least three types of thinly slices pimentoes and plenty of cheese.
As for the one in the picture above, I utilized left overs of that particular day:
bacon fried to a crisp, smoked salmon marinated in Thai sweet chili sauce, previously sauteed mushrooms and pimento slices, the whole with a generous helping of grated cheese, some seasoning and fresh herbs, including basil and Italian flat parsley.