Pizza: Bourgogne-style Escargots Pizza


The Italian are not the only ones to make pizzas!
The French do to, and I have this very, very simple recipe for a Bourgogne-style pizza!

Prepare your own pizza dough, it’s so much better. Brush with plenty of tomato sauce (I recommend basil). Place plenty plenty of mozzarella slices all over it.
Next use frozen ready-made (or home-made. A good way to use any leftovers!) escargots with their butter. A few black olives, some ground black pepper, et voila!

Even my American friends won’t leave a crumb!

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14 thoughts on “Pizza: Bourgogne-style Escargots Pizza”

    1. Dear Mel!
      There is no secret about this mochi pizza recipe:
      Buy thin sliced mochi. On a non-stick frypan place the mochi in a rough circle, cover it with whaever you want plus some cheese.
      Fry until satisfaction. Thousands of possibilities!


  1. Ok, I may yet be trying these snails. I was getting my nerve up the other day, but when I saw the price for the shells to serve the escargot in (like three times the price of the little naked fellahs), I decided to put it off. Your way I don’t have to buy them clothes!


  2. I’m a sucker for pizza. Though, I’ve never tried it with escargot. I guess there’s always a first for everything. Either way, that looks good.


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