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Great Pizza after a strollin at La Papi‐ge(ラ パピージェ) 藤枝 蓮華寺/


Today I decided it was time to take all my courage to go out for a small walk in Renge -ji, Fujieda.

Renge-ji is is a haven of peace in Fujieda city. Since the last years it got a lot of construction works within its compound : A more wide strolling alley, a shared place for small restaurants owners, more big toboggans !

Well today is not the day for talking about Renge-ji but do not forget to come there in any seasons, you may see cherry blossoms, wisterias, autumn colors and fantastic lotus flowers.

One may take care also about the giant hornets !

LA PAPI‐GE(ラ パピージェ) 藤枝 蓮華寺 is hard to miss, as it has a wide roof dominating the intersection of two roads. The italian(hish) colors may also giving you some clue about its position ! Not so far from the Starbucks, which is also close to the huge parking space for cars.

I didn’t had time to eat slowly in the restaurant, so I choosed the take out option.

I threw myself into two pizzas : The fungi Panna Cotto mais. Do not be surprised I ordered 2 pizzas, as I shared it with my family, the new years holidays did enough damages to my belly to not try to involve it in more unnecessary feast.

The pizza menu

Menu of the day

It should also be noted that in Japan at contrary than in France, where I am from and contrary in a lot of other countries, the japanese pizzas are pretty small. I never went to Italy but it is said that it is more close to what the traditionnal pizza is.

The prices are the following :

1060 yens for the Fongi,

1180 for the Panna Cotto Mais

The Fongi

For this one I was not sure about how much I could get satisfied with it, as it seemed to have few toppings on it. I was impressed by the perfect balance between the oignons, mushrooms and the really tasty tomato sauce.

The pizza dough was thin enough to not steal the taste of all the toppings and each mushroom was crunchy enough to give you the feeling that these few toppings will satisfy your stomach and have a mouth full of ingredients every time.

The Panna Cotto Mais

This one really impressed me by the basil taste reaching instantly once you put it on your taste buds. There was few basil leaves on this one but I could fin out there potential was fully used. A technical feat considering it is the winter season !

The cheese was also tasty and the combination of the basil, oil, and cheese is in the mouth was really fulfilling.

I would suggest to go there and have a cup of red wine to enjoy at its maximum the richness of the aroma of theses pizzas.

Note that I choosed the take out menu so my pizzas where cold. I guess the hot ones are really a treat. I totally recommend this place which is also widely recommended by the local people of shizuoka prefecture.

It warmly recommend as the prices are also under average for this quality of pizzas.

1 Chome-2-19 Nyakuoji, Fujieda, Shizuoka 426-0014 or 〒426-0014 静岡県藤枝市若王子1丁目2−19

Open for lunch and diner !

I suggest to make a booking as the place maybe crowded due to the popularity of the park.