BOUQUET’s Classic Cakes (2): Caramel Mousse


Bouwuet has long been a favourite of mine and one of the oldest cake-shops stiil alive in Shizuoka City. It could actually be called an institution here!
The only place willng to bake Gateau Basque, it regularly comes up with classics and novelties.
Since I had to find a cke for a student of mine I chose this particular cake.
The name is a bit of a misnomer as it is far more sophisticated than it sounds.


A thin layer of sponge made for the base on which was spread a frist layer of Caramel Mousse. A second round and smaller spong circle was then laid in the middle and imbibed with a syrup cotaining pear liqueur.
It was then “filled up” with Caramel Mousse. A thun layer of chocolate sauce was added for the last colour finish and protect the Mousse!

To savour with a great coffee!

420-0839 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Takajo machi, 1-8-6
Tel. & fax: 054-2530349
Open: 11:00~20:00
11:00~19:00 (Sundays & National Holidays)
Closed on Wednesdays

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