French Gastronomy on Stamps (15): Lorraine


France has issued many stamps on food (not foodstamps!) on her own gastronomy for quite some time.
A new series will be issued on April 25th and wil be printed in the form of mini-sheets dedicated to a particular region with stamps, pics and explanations.
With the fifteenthth of these sheets I’d like to introduce is Lorraine.

Lorraine has always been a “disputed” region. It even became a “Kingdom in Exile” when Louis XIV gave it to King Stanislas of Poland, then bringing a touch of French grandeur still witnessed in Stanislas Square in Nancy.
When Charles the Bold, Duke of Bourgogne died there in his last battle, it sealed the fate of Bougogne inro the hands of the French King.
It changed hands no less than three times because of the modern conflicts between France and Germany.

Among its culinary specialties you can find on the sheet:
-Mirabelles. Now available in grocery stores in France, Germany and elsewhere, they almost completely disappeared and were succefully re-grown in Lorraine.
-Madeleines cakes created by a local pastry chef in the name of his mother (Mine had the same name, too!) when she was bed-riddden.
-Milk in Lorraine helps produce superlative cheese.

But Lorraine is known all over the World for its artists such as Galle and Daum! A visit to the numerous museums of the region (glass, enamel, etc.) is a must before you venture into its great restaurants!

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