Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/36)


Yesterday we had an earthquake in Shizuoka, but everybody is OK!
Thanks to all for the concern!
A Friend actually suggested to call it the Earthquake Bento of the Day!LOL
The fact is that it did stimulate the Missus into cooking a lot this morning.
Incidentally, even Kamran could eat it as it was cooked with olive oil!

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Once again, as there was very little shopping done yesterday, the Missus foraged inside the fridge and came up with the following:


The rice was plain steamed rice but sprinkled with plenty of rasted sesame seeds.


For the arnish, she fried “Saikoro/cubes” of beef, zucchini, red mild pimentoes and mini asparaguses together (in that order?). She prepare “Tamagoyaki/Japanese Omelette” and added some home-made min-melon pickles.


As for the salad, almost the same as yesterday: On a bed of shredded greens, boiled broccoli, lettuces, green leaves and Shizuoka-grown Ameera rubbins mini tomatoes (as the latter are very sweet, I supose they made for my dessert! LOL)

Please check the new postings at:
sake, shochu and sushi


10 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Box/Bento (’09/36)”

  1. Having so many roots will certainly help you in the future!
    Being religion-tolerant (I’m agnostic) will allow you to eat whatever you wish!
    My regards to Mum and Sis!


  2. Dear Kamran!
    True to tell, I’m impressed!
    You are certainly grown beyond your age!
    I wonder what my good friend Melinda will think!LOL
    New York City, the meltpot of the world! No wonder!
    Your name seems to indicate that your family comes from Pakistan?
    We have quite a few cricket players in Japan both called Kamran and Siddiqi!
    You could always tell your sister that young men back home in France learn quickly how to cook (that’s what I did, but I had a great advantage, what with hailing from Bourgogne, where one of my brothers has his own restaurant!) to get the ladies’ attention. French women usually learn to cook after marriage to keep their husbands! I’m only half joking!


    1. Thank you for the complement. I guess I have grown beyond my age… I have always loved helping my mother in the kitchen; she and I share the same passion for food, but I tend to do most of the cooking at home, considering that she is a working single mom…

      Yes, my father is from Pakistan. However, my paternal grandmother is half Indian and Saudi Arabian. My Paternal grandfather was half Indian and English. My mother is half Dominican and Spanish (grandma’s Dominican, grandpa was from Spain).

      Keep in mind that I had to learn all of these languages…

      English, Spanish, Urdu, and Hindi are my best out of the 6 that I speak.

      Even though my father is Muslim, I tend to lean toward Christianity more… I know, it’s kind of odd, but I did grow up with both religions, so I know the best of both worlds.

      I will tell my sister that joke… lol. I found it to be quite amusing! She will probably find it amusing too. Hahah.


  3. I’m glad you’re okay. We had two last week here in Los Angeles. I hate those! lol. Tomatoes for dessert aren’t all that bad. Though, I’d prefer maybe a cake or cookie. =)


    1. Cheers, dear Jenn!
      No one likes earthquakes, but I suppose you have to be ready.
      I can imagine what would happen if one occured at university in the middle of the class, but I’m ready!


  4. I am single at the moment… I’m only in high school, so I have time to find yet another girlfriend. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to teach my next girl friend how to make them.

    However, it is hard enough to try to persuade my younger sister to learn how to cook… She refuses to learn, and thinks that she is going to meet a guy just liker her big brother (me) who will cook for her… I doubt that… Yesterday, I actually succeeded in teaching her how to make pancakes from scratch… I know, it’s a really easy task, but until recently, she did not know how to open a can (and she’s 15). I guess I got the brains and cooking talent from my mom’s side of the family. LOL

    P.S. I live in New York City…


  5. Cheers, Kamran!
    It seems that you are single (if I’m wrong, I apologize). It might be a good idea to teach your next girl friend how to ake them!
    Incidentally, where do you live?
    Cheers, Robert-Gilles


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