17th Shida Heiya Bishu Story

Shidaizumi Brewery Sakes

On Wednesday June 3rd, six breweries located in the centre of Shizuoka Prefecture held their 17th Annual Event, Shida Heiya Bishu Story 2009 in Yaizu City at Shofukaku Hotel.


This has become a real event in recent years, for which the 400 seats are sold out months before the event in spite of very few seats reserved for special guests like John Gauntner, the foreign authority on Japanese Sake who has to come all the way from Kamakura.
This time I was spared from making the kampai speech (John took care of that!) and could concentrate on the event on the full, taking my time to say hello to everyone and visit every stand for a hearty taste of some sublime brews!

Aoshima Brewery (Kikuyoi/Fujieda City)

Sugii Brewery (Suginishiki/Fujieda City)

Isojiman Brewery (Yaizu City)

Oomuraya Brewery (Wakatake/Shimada City)

Hatsukame Brewery (Okabe Cho)

Shidaizumi Brewery (Fujieda City)


Took the time to take a pic of a new brand by Oomuraya Brewery to commemorate the new Mount Fuji-Shizuoka Airport in Shimada City!


The hotel served us an excellent Japanese meal!


Including Sashimi!


And Sushi!

Looking forward to participating to next year’s event!
Before that I will make sure to visit all those breweries again!

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-Sake: Tokyo Through The Drinking Glass, Tokyo Foodcast, Urban Sake, Sake World
-Wine: Palate To Pen
-Beer: Good Beer & Country Boys, Another Pint, Please!
-Japanese Pottery to enjoy your favourite drinks: Yellin Yakimono Gallery

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