Food buzz: Help Keep our Community Website Clean!


Greetings, everyone!

It seems that the old geezer has more time on his hands than anybody else! LOL
First, let me point out again that I am not a member of the Foodbuzz Team!

Last night, as I was breezing/browsing through the new Foodies I stumbled across a new Member calling itself Acai Berry! Now, that was bad luck for the critters as I had been spammed for a whole month by their ads!

I decided to take the time to go through the last two days’ batch of new members and found a dozen more similar little beasts!
The big giveaway is the bottom line on their Foodbuzz Profile when they don’t have the guts/nerve to advertise their website!
Three were pretty nasty, as two of them had borrowed an avatar/photograph while the third one made no bones about advertising cash card debts repayments!

To cut a story short, I sent a mail to Foodbuzz with a reference to all those unwanted creatures and Foodbuz promptly skewered them and threw them into the BBQ pit!

If you stumble across those blisters yourself, promptly send a mail to and the Team will take care of them!

Cheers and all that!

10 thoughts on “Food buzz: Help Keep our Community Website Clean!”

  1. Dear Robert,
    Well done! Foodbuzz Commitee Team need people like you. Dedicated and kind member like you to be added to their board. 🙂 really I meant it.



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