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Food buzz: Help Keep our Community Website Clean!


Greetings, everyone!

It seems that the old geezer has more time on his hands than anybody else! LOL
First, let me point out again that I am not a member of the Foodbuzz Team!

Last night, as I was breezing/browsing through the new Foodies I stumbled across a new Member calling itself Acai Berry! Now, that was bad luck for the critters as I had been spammed for a whole month by their ads!

I decided to take the time to go through the last two days’ batch of new members and found a dozen more similar little beasts!
The big giveaway is the bottom line on their Foodbuzz Profile when they don’t have the guts/nerve to advertise their website!
Three were pretty nasty, as two of them had borrowed an avatar/photograph while the third one made no bones about advertising cash card debts repayments!

To cut a story short, I sent a mail to Foodbuzz with a reference to all those unwanted creatures and Foodbuz promptly skewered them and threw them into the BBQ pit!

If you stumble across those blisters yourself, promptly send a mail to editorial@foodbuzz.com and the Team will take care of them!

Cheers and all that!

Foodbuzz: Blogspot/WordPress Comment Boxes Compatibility: What works and does not work!


Greetings again!

As promised, this particular posting is an appeal to Blogspot users to try and publish a Comment Box that is compatible with other systems, in particular Wodpress and Internet Explorer. It certainly will add to comments on your postings and new friends in your mail list!

Thanks to Jenn for helping!

I could not think of a better system than taking pics with my mobile phone as I don’t have a scanner in my office!



Jenn’s comments:
“I have this comment box for my blog: it is called “Full Page.” It’s in the comment form placement section in the comments tab under setting. In the “who can comment” section under the same tab I selected “anyone” and used the word verification setting. ”

Bear in mind that it must include an “Open ID” to allow access to other systems!



This is the main culprit!
For all its simple design and the fact it says it allows other systems in, it just does not! Full stop.

Sicerly hoping this will help everyone!
Robert-Gilles Martineau

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Foodbuzz: How to upload your url on your Profile


Greetings again!

As I said before, many blogmates omit to upload their webste-blog/url-address on their Foodbuzz Profile.
Although it is comparatively easy, it is not evident for newcomers and easy to miss out.
Now the Foodbuzz team is too busy to answer all (the same) questions pertaining to that matter.
It is up to us, Foodbuzz members, to help each other. LOL
Alright, the old geezer is enjoying it!

Now, here is how you proceed:
-Open Foodbuzz Homepage (we know that!…)
-Go to tool bar at top of the page and click on “My Profile” (you might have to log in before proceeding any further). Click on “edit your profile”
-Go down until you find: “Add RSS by Site URL (like http://www.example.com):” write your website url (leave the “blog” window as it is).
-Press on “update”, et voila!

Simple, ain’t it?
But you will get more traffic!

Tomorrow, I will talk about those notorious Blogspot Comment Boxes!

Robert-Gilles Martineau

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Foodbuzz: A few tips for blogmates


Greetings again!

I’m not a member of the Foodbuzz Team (Fate helps them, lol!), but having been a member for more than a year in Foodbuzz’s less than three-year history, I’ve come across some general patterns, and I thought it was time the old geezer shared his little (hard-earned) know-how with his blogmates before an unknown entity’s chopsticks pick him up out of this world (I’m an agnostic, incidentally!)!

-I’ve noticed that many foodies, new and old, did not include their url/blog adddress on their Foodbuzz Profile. I understand that the Foodbuzz homepage does need time to learn how to use and navigate, but advertising your website is the one reason you become a Foodbuzz Member!

-Being a WordPress and Internet Explorer user I found myself refused to leave a message inside a Blogspot user’s Comment Box once out of twice.
It is extremely frustrating not to be able to greet or compliment a fellow blogger who deserves the attention.
Blogspot does offer Comment Boxes compatible with WordPress and other systems.
It would be great if a Blogspot user could inform everyone on which is the best Comment Box to use. That is, if one wants to communicate with everyone else!

-Courtesy makes good sense:
If you blog to advertise yourself, your business or someone else’s business, please be frank and open about it.
The more respect you will get for your honesty!

-Foodbuzz is a great tool to make new friends all over the World with the minimum time and sweat.
I would advise all my blogmates to at least buzz every new blogger and request their friendship.
At the present daily rate of 40~60 new foodies you are bound to discover a like-minded soul. You can always limit yourself to your own living area or common interests.
It is certainly bound to pay off someday!
For instance, I obtained a part-time writing job at Japan-I thanks to a blogmate’s recommendation. Very appreciated in these hard-economy times! On the other hand, I had the pleasure to guide new Italian friends from Holland for two full days around Shizuoka last month!

-Make a point to reply to any comment written by fellow bloggers on your Foodbuzz Comments Page (formerly Chalkboard). This is where fruitful relations start!

-Foodbuzz Profile: write as much as you can about yourself. It will help first acquaintances to acquire a good idea of your personality.
Photoes are subject to personal tastes and priorities, but please do not let that window empty too long: fruit plates can become very boring/negative at length!

-Last, not but not least, food,drinks and recipes are great, but a little word about the people who made them and the places where you enjoyed them will add spice (sorry for the pun!). There is a story, however small, behind everything. This will encourage visitors to read your postings twice.
On the other hand, if you wish to leave a comment on a great blog/posting, a little effort in proving you have effectively read your blogmate’s article will sound more sincere and positive than a dry “great blog! great posting!…”

Robert-Gilles Martineau

Please check the new postings at:
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Foodbuzz Members, unite to help Italian Quake Victims!


Simona of Cellar Tours is asking for a little help from Foodbuzz Friends!

“I am sure you guys all know about this tragic event, made more tragic by the fact that many of the deaths could have been avoided (corrupt construction companies, useless government officials).

Anyway, in case anyone is interested, here is a list of charities accepting donations for the victims. There are over 55,000 Italians who are now homeless after this earthquake!

For any of you with blogs, you can also put up this info. And you can send to your friends.”

Donations can be made to:

in English- http://www.redcross.ca/article.asp?id=31246&tid=001

In Italian-


Bank transfers to:

BAnk: Ugf Banca Ag.12 Via Saturnia 21 Roma
Iban: IT 56 I 03127 03200 CC 0120005581
Bic: Baecit2b
cause: “La Cia per l’Abruzzo”.

Centro Servizio del Volontariato della Provincia dell’Aquila
Bank: Banca Popolare Etica, sede di Padova, via Tommaseo 7
IBAN: IT 27 N 05018 12100 000000404404
cause: “Emergenza Terremoto Abruzzo”

Caritas Italiana tramite
IBAN IT38 K03002 05206 000401120727