Foodbuzz: Blogspot/WordPress Comment Boxes Compatibility: What works and does not work!


Greetings again!

As promised, this particular posting is an appeal to Blogspot users to try and publish a Comment Box that is compatible with other systems, in particular Wodpress and Internet Explorer. It certainly will add to comments on your postings and new friends in your mail list!

Thanks to Jenn for helping!

I could not think of a better system than taking pics with my mobile phone as I don’t have a scanner in my office!



Jenn’s comments:
“I have this comment box for my blog: it is called “Full Page.” It’s in the comment form placement section in the comments tab under setting. In the “who can comment” section under the same tab I selected “anyone” and used the word verification setting. ”

Bear in mind that it must include an “Open ID” to allow access to other systems!



This is the main culprit!
For all its simple design and the fact it says it allows other systems in, it just does not! Full stop.

Sicerly hoping this will help everyone!
Robert-Gilles Martineau

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