Watermelon non-wheat flour mini-Cakes


This particular recipe is dedicated to This Cat Can Cook who amused me with his comments and has a love for Watermelon.
Now, wheat flour allergics will be glad to know that none of it is being used!

INGREDIENTS: for 9~10 cakes
-Watermelon, red part, no pips: 150 g
-Eggs: 2
-Rice flour/powder: 60 g
-Sugar: 25 g
-Butter: 50 g


Cut 100g of the watermelon in small cubes 1x1x1 cm. Blend rest into juice (40 ml).


Melt butter in electric oven at 5~600W for 40~50 seconds or until it is completely melted. Keep warm.
Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.


Mix sugar and eggs together. Warm sufficiently until it gets to your “skin temperature”.
Beat up at High Medium speed until it forms a bubbly but fine paste. Continue to beat at low speed for 3 more minutes.


Add rice flour and delicately with a spatula.


Mix in melted butter and watermelon juice delicately.


Pour in molds.


Place a watermelon cube on top and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.


Let the cakes cool before taking them out of their molds.


Serve them upside down decorated with mint leaves.

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17 thoughts on “Watermelon non-wheat flour mini-Cakes”

  1. This will be a great “bring along” as both my sister-in-law and mother-in-law are non gluten. And thanks for the “dedication”! Both watermelon and gluten free. Double good!


  2. Faboulous ! Tasty Watermelon Cakes your pictures are so wonderful ! and your recipe I will try for the Holidays~

    Thanks for sharing your recipe~

    Join , Post your comments, share your recipes!
    Join our growing food community !

    And if you can visit me I can visit you~

    Have a great Day~


  3. I’ve never tried cakes with watermelon or even with rice flour-amazing!!!
    We make a dosa(pancake) with the white part of the watermelon-it adds such an amazing flavour to the dosa 🙂


  4. The watermelon cakes look lovely and I love watermelon in the summer! I’ve never used it in baking before though, and will try soon!


    1. Dear Irene!
      I’m so happy you appreciated this simple recipe!
      You must be eating a lot of watermelon as it is one of the best way to quench your thirst in a hot country!


  5. Watermelon cakes. I love it. of course, you do know that mini means you have to eat more. But since it’s made with watermelon. I won’t feel guilty about eating more than one. 😉


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