Robert Yellin’s Newsletter: Mishima Summer Greetings-Some new Ceramic

Fukami Bowl

Greetings from Mishima,

Here in Japan just yesterday the news announced that the rainy season has officially ended in Okinawa, and thus the rest of Japan can look for clear skies in the coming days and weeks. Much rain has fallen–as in many parts of the world–and all I can say is bless the rain and clear water, essential for a good life and good ceramic art!

Agano Tsubo

In the past weeks here at the gallery we have previewed and listed some Mino works by Yamada Kazu, a fine Morino Taimei jar, a Fukami bowl, rare Mashiko jar by Kimura Ichiro, among other works.

Mashiko jar by Kimura Ichiro

Tomorrow yakishime-anagama specialist Nagaoka Masami is stopping by to show us some new works. We hope that to refresh the senses and spirit you’ll stop by the online gallery to view these pieces and others as well.

Mihara work

Any works ordered before the rainy season ends here in Mishima will have EMS on the house along with some of Shizuoka’s finest green tea added.

Yamada Kazu & Oribe Iga Vases

On tap for the autumn look for exhibitions by Bizen potters Miyao
Masahiro and Yokoyama Naoki, then Shigaraki by Kato Takahiro and Iga by Fujioka Shuhei.

In the meantime, on the 14th of June I’ll be going to a major dealer-only gathering—the only foreigner–and hope to find some great single works to offer, stay tuned on from the 15th of June.

Wishing all a pleasant summer, and as always thank you and best from Japan.


Robert Yellin
email at

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