French Dessert: Hot Apple Souffle


Apples are everywhere on the markets these days. This is a good time to try something different. It might hot and humid now, but one can appreciate a hot dessert, especially when you are confined within an air-conditioned space all day and night!
Souffle has a repution of a difficult dish to realize. Actually it is dead simple. Once you matsered it, you cannot make a mistake!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 people
Apples: 1kg (green probably best)
Eggs: 6
Butter: 50g
Powder Sugar: 100g
5 Sponge Biscuits or the equivalent in Sponge (Short) Cake
Calvados (French Apple Brandy): 100cc

-Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
-Wash the apples and wipe them dry.
-Take off stems, cut in four and cook as they are in a covered saucepan inside the oven for one hour.
-Take out and sieve flesh of apples. Pour this compote into a fry-pan and cook on a small fire for 5 minutes to take out excess water.
-Stop the fire and mix in the 6 egg yolks.
-Beat the whites with 50g of powder sugar. Fold in the beaten whites delicately inside the cooled down compote with a spatula trying to achieve the lightest possible mixture.
-Cut the sponge biscuits and imbibe them with the Calvados.
-Butter and sugar the inside of a souffle dish.
-Pour in half of the souffle mixture.
-Then spread the calvados-imbibed biscuits and top with the rest of the souffle mixture.
-Cook for 15 minutes at 200 degrees celsius.

-Take out and eat at once!

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12 thoughts on “French Dessert: Hot Apple Souffle”

  1. This recipe looks delicious- but what on earth is a sponge biscuit? Is there another name for it? Thanks, Megan


  2. Hubby and I ate at a new French restaurant in Dallas that was soley sweet and savory souffles, so I am going to make it again, and this looks delish!

    I had an escargot soufle, and I am going to do that one soon…I love escargot!!!


    1. Dear Eizabeth!
      Actually escargot souffle sounds great!
      In Western France I had a great mussles souffle (with a bit of Pommeau/Apple wine added to the recipe!


  3. I have about 2 kgs of apples in my fridge right now and was debating whether to make apple sauce, apple pie or apple sponge cake so they don’t go to waste but I think I will go for your apple souffle recipe! Thanks for sharing this one 😉


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