Japanese Cheese Cake: The Basic Recipe


I have been recently asked a lot of questions about Japanese-style cheese cakes. Incidentally I had never heard of cheese cakes before I came to Japan 33 years ago. After investigation, cheese cakes have been around the world for quite a long time and developped into many varieties. Among them, the Japanese style seems to have acquired a lot of popularity, to the point that many customers expect them to be on offer in Japanese Izakayas abroad!

Here is the basic recipe as far as it goes in this very country.
It should provide a base from which one can create more sophisticated desserts!

INGREDIENTS: For an 18cm-diameter cake
-Cream cheese (philadelphia style): 250 g
-Fresh cream: 1 cup/200 ml
-Eggs: 2
-Sugar: 80 g
-All purpose flour: 3 large tablespoons
-Lemon juice: 2 large tablespoons
For the base:
-Biscuites (or crackers of your choice): 90 g
-Unsalted butter: 40 g


-Put biscuits/crackers inside a tight seal vynil pouch. Close. Crush until fine.
Take crumbs out and mix with melted unsalted sugar.
Lay cooking paper inside a cake mold.
Spread crumbs on the bottom . Press with masher for uniformity and solidity.

-Soften cream cheese inside microwve oven for 30 seconds~1 minute.
Divide into 3 or 4 parts.

-In a mixer/blender drop eggs, sugar, lemon juice and flour. Mix well.


Pour in fresh cream and then cream cheese little by little. Mix well. Stir with a spatula from time to time to help.


-Pour the cheese cake mixture over the crumbs.
Preheat oven at 170 degrees and bake for 40~45 minutes.


The colour should be a nice brown-orange. In Japan they say “kitsune iro/fox colour”!
Leave inside the mold.
Let it cool completely.
Leave inside the fridge at leat 12 hours. before unmolding and serving.

For better cutting, wipe the knife clean after every cut!

If the cake attains its colour before the cooking time has elapsed, cover with foil paper and put back into the oven.
In the case colour does come quickly enough raise the oven temperature.

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20 thoughts on “Japanese Cheese Cake: The Basic Recipe”

  1. Hi! I followed your recipe last night, very easy and tasty. However, my cheesecake seems much flatter than yours, I used a 7 inch cake tin, so the size wasn’t an issue. Would using self-raising flour help?


  2. I’m confused….this is the way i make cheesecake….have i been using the japanese method all this time??! the only diffrence is that i use graham crackers..or are they the same thing?
    you have a greta blog BTW!


  3. Isn’t Cheesecake AMAZING?! When I was younger I thought it was a french confection because French are know for their great cuisine and some cheeses… But then someone sadly broke it to me and told me that Cheesecake dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks. Either way, I think it’s amazing!

    This looks super delicious! Great post Robert-Gilles.


  4. what gorgeous cheesecake! the top is so smooth and shiny that I thought you had topped it with something- I had to double check the recipe! I’ve only made cheesecake once… years ago (I was probably about 18) and it came out horribly. I haven’t made one since.


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