French/Japanese Dessert: Pear Madeleine


Just discovered this intriguing little cake called Pear Madeleine by a Japanese friend. American friends would definitely find another name including the word “cupcake”!
Incidentally my own mother’s name was Madeleine! Coincidence?

INGREDIENTS: for about 12~13 cakes
-Butter: 125 g
-Egg: 1 large
-Sugar: 70 g
-All-purpose flour: 100 g
-Baking powder: 1 small teaspoon
-Almond powder: 20 g
-Walnuts: 20 g
-Pears: 4 cuts from halved pear can
For the nappage/topping:
-Water: 100 ml (half a cup)
-Sugar: 40 g
-Agar agar: 1 g


-Cut half of the pear slices into small bits for the cake pastry. Cut the rest of the pears into thin slices for topping. Crush walnuts into bits, roast them lightly and put aside.

-Beat butter until it becomes whitish. Add sugar and mix well. In a separate bowl break egg and beat into light omelette. Add and mix with butter mixture little by little.

-Add in the following order: almond powder, flour and baking powder, mixing them in with spatula.

-Add and mix in crushed walnuts and pears bits. Leave in refrigerator overnight.

-Transfer cake mixture into cup of your choice with a spoon. The paste will be a bit hard, but try to put the same amount in each cup. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

-Bake inside oven for 5 minutes and take out. Place a pear cut on each cake and put back into oven for 20~30 minutes.

-Nappage: Pour all ingredients in a bowl and heat over a light fire. When completely dissolved, brush syrup on the cakes.
When completely cooled down, preserve them so as they do not dry up.

The cake mixture will somewhat feel too hard/solid but it will melt in quickly inside oven.

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6 thoughts on “French/Japanese Dessert: Pear Madeleine”

  1. Dear Robert,

    Thanks …I love anything with mango 🙂 looking forward to it. Btw I nid a favor from you. I bought some snails from the market which is very rare nowadays..the lady told me in chinese it is ‘fa loh’ translated it means flower snails, but i searched the internet couldn’t get the name right. Some tell me its apple snails but internet shows a different species. So I would like u to tell me what is the real name for this snails. I have posted it up on my blog . Do the research only when you are free, if not it is okay :)))
    Thanks Robert….you are my professor angel 😛



  2. Dear Robert,
    This is a nice cupcake/ madeleine 🙂 I would like to try it out..can I replace the pear with other mango?
    Thanks for sharing this recipe.



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