Japanese Seasonal Fish: Sayori/Japanese Half Beak


The Japanese Half beak or “Sayori” is a very popular fish in Japan as sashimi or sushi.


Although difficult to dress, it is much appreciated for its “clean look”.

It is also known unde the names of “Hariuo”, “Kannuki”. The latter name is used for large sprcimen sold in the Tokyo area.
It is mainly caught between Winter and Summer, but the best specimens are before and after the spawning season in April~June.
The Japanese sayori mainly come from the shores of Mie, Hyogo, Ishikawa, Hiroshima and Wakayama Prefectures.
It is also imported from China, Korea and Australia.


One can easily buy it filletted at suoermakets and fishmongers, making for some beautiful sashimi!


It makes for superlative sushi open to all kind of variations!

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4 thoughts on “Japanese Seasonal Fish: Sayori/Japanese Half Beak”

  1. Hi there,
    What do they taste like? Are they similar to sea bass, or bream? I haven’t seen these little fish before in Hong Kong or London but they look beautiful and I’d love to try them!


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