Japanese Dessert: Matcha Anko Roll/ Matcha Tea & Sweetmeats Roll Cake


The “East meets West” expression has been used so many times that it has almost become corny, but this particular (and simple) cake definitely deserves the appellation!
Matcha & Anko Roll Cake:

INGREDIENTS: for 8 cakes/2 sponge sheets baked in 15 cm square mold

-Eggs: 2
-Flour: 30 g
-Sugar: 30 g
-Matcha: 2 small teaspoons
-Anko/Sweetmeats: 15 g x 8=30 g (See Recipe here)


-In a large bowl, break the eggs and mix the sugar, half at a time. Beat until the mixture turns whitish and fluffy. Only then add 1 tablespoon of water and mix.

-Add tea half at a time and beat it in.

-Place cooking paer inside an oven square mold and pour half of the cake mixture. Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 8~10 minutes. Repeat with the second half of the cake mixture.

-Take the ckae sheet and its cooking paper out. Turn sheet upside down onto a piece of cellophane paper. Once completely cooled down, take the cooking paper out carefully. Trim the sponge cake and cut into four 5×10 cm pieces (three along and one across).

-Place a ball ofanko in the middle of each piece of sponge cake and “lock/wrap” the sponge cake around the anko. Press the ends togeteher to make sure tey don’t open again. If they keep opening seal ends with syrup.

To be enjoyed with cold or hot green tea!

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9 thoughts on “Japanese Dessert: Matcha Anko Roll/ Matcha Tea & Sweetmeats Roll Cake”

  1. I’m helping the folks at Matcha Source Green Tea (www.matchasource.com) introduce their products to bloggers. I really enjoyed your post, which is why I contacted you. If you send us an email at lewis@matchasource.com or info@matchasource.com, we can consider sending some complimentary products. A blog post about us would really be much appreciated. Thanks again for all your help



  2. Hi Robert,
    Yeah I’m sure I can get hold of some matcha, Darjeeling is famous for its tea and its in the Northern part of the state where I hail from.
    PS: I really don’t much understand the difference between a cake and a tart, only thing is that both tastes great :).
    PS: I would be glad if you can kindly tell me what plugin you use for the notification of comments on your blog. That would be a great help for me.


    1. Dear Sudeshna!
      A tart is a cake with a hard/semi-hard base filled with a softer content.
      I’m using WordPress. I’ll check the plugin!


  3. Hi Robert,
    Cake with matcha is a very different preparation, I have never heard of it. It looks so yummy, I wanna have it right now. Will try out the preparation. Thanks for sharing


    1. Dear Sudeshna!
      I’m sure green tea and matcha in particular should go well with Bengali Cuisine.
      Don’t forget that it is tart though!


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