Vegetarian Japanese Cuisine: Dragon Fruit Flower Shoot Tempura


The Missus recently came back once again with a favourite “unusual vegetable” of hers: Dragon Fruit Flower Shoots.
The Japanese have come with the best idea to sample any new vegetable: tempura!
Technically speaking it originated in Portugal whose sailors introduced it to Japan a few centuries ago. The word itself is Portuguese.


My better (worse?) half cut them into halves and prepared batter. She favours her own style, heavier than the Japanese, but lighter than the European/American “fritters”!

dragon-tempura3.jpg dragon-tempura4.jpg

She took the opportunity to add some other tempura made with shrimps and goya.
Served with ma-cha tea powder and salt mixed with sakura/cherry blossoms powder, it just turned out perfect with beer and sake!

Vegans can make tempura by mixing water an dflour with cornstarch instead of egg whites.

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