Scottish Dessert: Whisky and Rolled Oats Mousse


Yes, they have great for desserts in Scotland!

Whisky & Rolled Oats Mousse!

INGREDIENTS: for 4 persons

-Fresh cream: 600 ml
-Rolled Oats/Barley: 75 g
-Whisky: 6 tablespoons
-Honey (liquid): 3 tablespoons
-Raspberries (can be replaced by seasonal small fruit: strawberries, blaberries, etc.): 500 g


-Spread the rolled oats on an oven hot plate. Place them under the grill for 2~3 minutes until they become golden. Let cool down completely on the oven hot plate.

-Beat the fresh cream (chilled!) with an electric beater/whisker. When the cream has become a firm Chantilly, continue to beat as you add the whisky and honey.
Then add the rolled oats with a wooden spoon.

-Pour some of the cream in 4 large glass cups. Place a layer of raspberries. Repeat the process until you reach the top of the glass cup.

-Keep the glasses inside a fridge for at least 2 hours (you can prepare the dessert the night before).

Drink your favourite whisky with it!

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12 thoughts on “Scottish Dessert: Whisky and Rolled Oats Mousse”

  1. Amazing mix, cereal, whisky, honey and cream sounds very seductive to me. Even if I don’t like to drink whisky, I like its flavor in desserts. It looks really inviting, however we can’t drive after dessert…




  2. Who would have guessed they have dessert in Scotland? LOL. I fgured it would have whisky in if they did. Great post.


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