Ekiben/Railway Station Lunch Boxes-Bento 6


Today both the Missus were in a bit of a hurry and working early, so she did not have the time to prepare a lunch box/bento as every Monday.
The Shizuoka JR Station not being far from my work place, I visited it at 9:45 a.m. when “freshly prepared” ekiben/Railway Station Bento” arrive at the booth inside this major station.


There must be more than 12 regular bento any time of the day, although they will be all on sale only from 9:45 a.m. After that the popular ones will rapidly disappear. The displays you see on the picture above are all palstic models (BIG business in Japan!)

As Frank told me some time ago, there is no comparison with what is on offer in Amtrak Stations in the US. I am certain there is a new business opprtunity there!


These bento purchased at railway stations are completely safe as Japanese rules and regulations are extremely stringent. All the contents are clearly written and a sticker will tell the exact time when usold lunches/dinners will be collected and discarded!


The box will always be accompanied by a pair of disposable chopsticks, so don’t worry about carrying any!
This partiular lunch box is called “Shizuoka Monogatari/Shizuoka Story” and contains mainly products from Shizuoka Prefecture.


Upon opening the box, you will discover a hard cellophane paper protecting the food inside.



1) Rice steamed in green tea with edible steamed tea leaves (Shizuoka Prefecture produces 50% of all Japanese green tea!)


2) Spaghetti (for Italian tourists?). The Japanese are simply crazy about them!


3) Normal steamed rice topped with preserved sakura ebi/cherry shrimps (only found in Shizuoka Prefecture!)


4) Shuumai, soy sauce mini bottle, and apricots (for dessert).


5) Grilled saba/mackerel and sweet beans.


6) Steamed vegetables: Carrot, renkon/lotus roots, takenoko/bamboo shoots and string bean.


7) Daikon pickled in amazu/sweet vinegar and tamagoyaki/ Japanese omelette.


8) Two products from Shizuoka: kuro hanpen/sardine paste and sweet maguro dices.


9? Another product from Shizuoka: Unagi/broiled eel with some lettuce and pickled ginger.

The price: 9 US $! Very good value for a healthy and complete meal!

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