Ekiben/Railway Station Lunch Boxes-Bento 7


Just came back from University where I had to rush to “help” a stident re-take and pass his Summer Finals. As I had no time to stay long enough at home for the Missus to prepare a packed lunch, I just sped off (on my bicycle) to Shizuoka Station where I purchas an Ekiben/Railway Station Lunch Box.
Knowing the Missus, I suspect she gorged herself with pasta for lunch at home!


I chose that particular Ekiben because it was seasonal. You never know after all, as this could prove to be a unique occasion.
Its name was very poetic: 秋千扇/Aki Chi Sen=The One Thousands fans of Autumn!


As I mentioned before hygiene laws for bento in Japan are very strict and contents are cleraly indicated (in Jpanaese) on the box with the packaging date and time and price. This particular one cost 1,000 yen/about 11 US $ at the current rate.


As usual the food inside is protected by an sheet of hard cellophen paper.


The “gohan/rice” part was rice steamed with shiitake mushrooms slices and pieces of chestnuts, a very popular way to make “mazegohan/mixed rice” inthe Fall/Autumn. The juices of the shiitake are incoprated in the rice, making even more tasty.


The garnish consisted of boiled or simered vegetables including burdock root, carrot, shiitake mushrooms, sato-imo/tuber variety (very soft), string bean and devil’s tongue tuber/Konnyaku.


For a closer view.
Dessert consisted of goma dango, a ball of mochi containing anko and coated with white sesame, and a slice of kiwi fruit. Above the dessert a slice of fried salmon made up for the meat part.


The other half of the garnish consisted of seaweed/wakame and cucumber salad seasoned with amazu/sweet vinegar, deep-fried and sweetened sakura ebi/cherry shrimps (found only in Shizuoka).
Above them Deep-fried chicken in sweet and sour sauce with beans an a small “cup” od wasabi zuke/wasabi pickled in sake lees to season the rice with, not forgetting the small tube of soy sauce for the veg!

Not bad, not bad!LOL

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