Japanese Cheese: Kyodo Gakui Shintoku Nojyo


This is the second set of cheese made by Kyodo Gakui Tokunojyou in Hokkaido Island I found In Lavigne, Shizuoka City.


I have already introduced other cheeses from the same company (see above picturse).
They iincluded Sasa no Yuki, a Camembert style wrapped in a small bamboo leaf, Koban, Sakura and Raclette


These two cheeses seem to complete the whole series from that particular company.


This one is simply called “Camembert-type”, and it is very near the French product, the more for it that it ismade with raw cow’s milk.
Actually it is the Sasa no Yuki minus the bamboo leaf!
Well-matured and soft, it can be matured a longer time.


The last one, a hard type cheese also made with raw cow’s milk is called “Lera He Mental”, obviously inspired by Emmental and Comte cheeses. Surprisingly strong in characteristic, it makes for a great snack with wine and bread. Can definitely be used in somewhat extravagant cooking!

Another discovery!

Kyodo Gakui Shintoku Nojyo
081-0038 Hokkaido, Kamikawa Gun, Shintoku Machi, Jishintoku, 9-1
(081-0038 北海道上川郡新得町字新得9-1)
Tel.: (81)(0)156-69-5600

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