Ramen: Simple Recipe with Beansprouts, Butter and Miso!

The Basic and Complete Ramen Recipe, I must admit, was complicated and a bit hard for friends to follow, but ramen can also be made simple and tasty.
Here is an example:
Ramen with beansprouts, butter and miso!

INGREDIENTS: For 2 servings

-Beansprouts (“moyashi”/もやし): one pack or a very large handful. Fresh, please!
-Onion: one half
-Bacon: 2 rashers
-Ramen: enough for 2 persons
-Butter: 1 tablespoon
-Miso: to taste


-While you boil the ramen, cut the onion and bacon into thin slices and fry. Boil some very lightly salted water for the soup (if you have bought the ramen with their soup, add it to the water, although it might become a bit heavy)

After the onion have become translucent and started taking in the bacon juices throw in the beansprouts and butter. Add just enough soup water as to obtain a thick enough soup. Add miso and stir.

In a bowl drop the boiled and drained ramen and top it with the beansprouts, bacon and onion soup!
Easy, isn’t it?

If you wish to make your ramen spicy add spices and chili when you fry the onion and bacon.
Don’t be afraid of using a lot of beansprouts (and other thinly cut veg if you wish)!

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