Non-Wheat Kabosu Cupcakes

Here is a tasty Japanese inspired cupcake for wheat allergics!

Non-wheat kabosu cupcakes!

Kabosu (カボス or 臭橙) is a juicy green citrus fruit (Latin name: Citrus sphaerocarpa) closely related to the yuzu/Japanese lime with the sharpness of lemon, used instead of vinegar in some Japanese dishes. It grows on a flowering plant with sharp thorns, and the fruit is harvested when still green but ripens to yellow. Kabosu was brought over from China in the Edo Period and became a popular fruit in Japan. It is produced in most areas of Ōita Prefecture (Kyushu Island) but particularly in Taketa and Usuki. The actual fruit is regarded as a delicacy in other parts of Japan, as it is often expensive outside of Ōita Prefecture. It improves the taste of many dishes, especially baked fish, sashimi and hot pot dishes.

INGREDIENTS: for 6~7 cupcakes

-Kabosu 1 (if notavailable, use lime, yuzu or lemon or your choice!)
-Eggs: 2
-Rice powder: 80 g
-Sugar: 50 g
-Butter: 50 g
-Sugar for icing


-Cut out six thin slices from the kabosu/lime. Press the juice out of the rest (15 ml). Cut the skin into thin strips (later cut them again into small pieces according to your preference).

-Melt the butter inside a microwave oven (500~600W) for 40~50 seconds. Keep aside.
Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

-In a bowl beat the eggs with half of the sugar over a bain-marie (a larger bowl containing hot water (about 60 degrees Celsius). When smooth add the rest of the sugar.

-When the mixture has reached a temperature equivalent to a human body temperature take bowl off the bain-marie. Keep beating until the mixture attains a whitish colour. Then beat at low speed for 3 more minutes.

-Add the rice powder and fold/mix it in with a spatula.

-Add melted butter, Kabosu/lime juice and chopped Kabosu/lime skin/zest. Mix them in gently.

-Grease mold with butter or olive oil if you use a mold instead of cupcake paper cups. Fill in mold/cups with mixture.

-Place one slice of Kabosu/lime on top of each cake. Sprinkle sugar over the top.
Bake in oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minute.

-Take out and let cool down completely before taking cakes out of their molds.

-If you do not serve them immediately, wrap them in cellophane paper and preserve them inside fridge.

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