Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2009/12/14)

Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

Artisan brewing is a matter of the heart and the heart, generally, is tied to place. The place tied to the heart of Baird Beer is Numazu city in Shizuoka prefecture. Sayuri and I moved to Numazu in 1997, started a family here and then launched the Baird Brewing Company in the fish market area of Numazu in 2000. Numazu very much reminds me of America’s heartland, the Midwest, the place I grew up. The people of Numazu tend to be simple, honest and industrious; they also share an easy-going attitude and big-hearted spirit. Located at the base of Mount Fuji and on the shore of the Suruga Bay, Numazu is almost idyllic in its natural beauty.

We long have wanted to dedicate a beer to this place of heart of ours and at last we have done so. Numazu Lager is debuting on Tuesday, December 15 as the ninth member of the Baird Beer year-round lineup, and the team’s first lager representative.

Numazu Lager (ABV 5.2%):

One of the strengths of brewing in Numazu is the area’s wonderful natural water supply. It is soft, clean and round, lending a lovely, albeit subtle, character to beer. This character is an important attribute of the amber-tinged golden Numazu Lager. Supremely refreshing, Numazu Lager combines malt roundness and lager-style smoothness with a snappy and brisk hop essence. And unlike industrial lagers, Numazu Lager is minimally processed (unfiltered and naturally carbonated in package) and thus enjoys great depth of flavor.

This maiden batch of Numazu Lager has been bottled in seasonal-style 633 ml bottles. It will be available in our normal 360 ml bottles beginning with batch #2. You will be able to enjoy it on draught at all of our Taproom pubs as well as at other Baird Beer retailing pubs and restaurants in Japan.

The artwork for Numazu Lager has been done, as always, by our talented designer and friend, Ms. Eiko Nishida. The label depicts a view of the Numazu fish market area with our Fishmarket Taproom in the upper left background. You can check out the new label on our website:


Bryan Baird
Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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