Ramen Recipe: Chicken Wings Ramen

Ramen are great, but sometimes one is stuck for variety (new ideas).
Here is a very simple recipe that anyone can succeed at with a minimum of time and ingredients:

Chicken Wings Ramen!

INGREDIENTS: For 3 people

-Chicken wings (te-basaki in Japanese): 4~6
-Japanese sake (or cooking sake): half a tablespoon or more (seasoning)
-Sesame oil: half a tablespoon or more
-salt and pepper: to taste (5~6 pinches each)

-Water: 1000cc/ml

◆Japanese sake: 1 teaspoon
◆Soy sauce: 1=2 teaspoons
◆Salt: one pinch
◆Oyster sauce: 1~3 tablespoons (according to preference)

-Ramen: 3 packs
-Leeks (chopped): according to preference
Rayu/Japanese chili oil (ラー油): according to preference


Thoroughly sponge off chicken wings of any water/humidity

Pour sake over chicken wings. Make sure they all coated and leave to marinate for 10 minutes.

Fry chicken wings 8as they are with the sake) with sesame oil and salt and pepper. make sure they are well seasoned.

Fry chicken wings until they are nicely coloured as in above picture.

Add all the water. Cover with lid. Bring to boil first. Reduce fire to low and simmer 25~30 minutes.
In a separate bowl mix all ◆-marked ingredients for chicken seasoning.
Prepare water for boiling the ramen.

Add chicken seasoning to chicken.
Boile the ramen.

Place the ramen in each of three bowls.

Top the ramen with an equal amount of chicken wings and their soup.
Sprinkle with rayu oil and top with chopped leeks.

Serve and enjoy at once!

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6 thoughts on “Ramen Recipe: Chicken Wings Ramen”

  1. Hi Robert,

    Good recipe! I agree, tebasaki is a very good meat for stock. I think you use it in French cooking too for the blonde stock. And the way you did it, browning it prior to taking the stock is also a bit french I think, getting the smell out of the chicken. Not too sure whether the Japanese ramen shops have that step in their stocks. I
    think your style will create a very pure tasting jouhin dashi.


  2. あ、そうですか。東京のマーケットはあまり売っていないそう、ですから日本人は鶏の手羽ねをほとんど食べないと思われる。


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