Cold Avocado Soup

Avocadoes are popular, plentiful and becomeing cheaper.
Here is a hearty and delicious, but simple recipe for a refreshing soup, especially in hot climate.
Bear in mind you will have to check the Chicken Bones Soup Stock recipe first!

INGREDIENTS: For about 4 people

-Avocadoes: 2 large
-Lemon juice: half a lemon
-Chicken bones soup stock: 1 cup/200 cc/ml
-Yoghurt: 2~3 cups/400~600 cc/ml
-Salt: a little
-Black pepper to taste
-Other spices: optional and to taste


Choose your avocadoes ripe.
Cut them cleanly and throw seed away.
Peel carefully and cut into quarters.

Drop the avocado quarter into a large food processor.

Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon.

Add the chicken bones soup stock.
A cup is the right amount. More, and the taste will greatly vary!

Add the yoghurt.
As for the yoghurt you can add mre if you really wish to.

Process until smooth.

Add salt and pepper (and optional spices).
Process quickly to mix them in.
Check taste and rectify if needed.

Serve in glass plates or bowls.
Do think oabout the presentation!

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