Gastronomic Cycling in Shizuoka (6)

As promised in the last article, I would like to introduce a paallel street to Aoba Koen/Green Leaves Park Street. It is called Genan Street and is actually the real “Shizuoka by night” street where you will discover some of the oldest restaurants in town.
Actually it makes for one of the three main parallel streets at the heart of what I call the “Gastronomic Grid” of Shizuoka City, at least the original one as it was known just after WWII. Now, restaurants of repute are found in all corners of the city.
Next time I will cycle across those three arteries to cover the whole “grid”!

The street itself is nothing much in daytime although it pays to cycle a few times along:

Hairdressers and beauty salons’ boards are always a great source of funny English. “Brow” actually means “Blow”, “Perm” means Premanent” and “S.Perm” (Holy Macaroni!) means “Special Permanent”!

The street starts with the ubiquitous “chain company cafes”,

another one,

“chain company restaurants” usually the “all you can eat and drink” genre,

another one,

and another one again, but I’m afraid their value solely resides in photography!

Still more of them!

There are other shops such as Takarado, the oldest jewelry store in town.

Now, people from all over Japan come to this restaurant!
Gentil is the oldest French restaurant in town and probably in the Prefecture.
They serve the best cheese tray in the Prefecture!

Keiko Kubota, the “chief” of the establishment is the sole Japanese individual holding the title of Grand Chevalier Taste Fromage and chose and served all the cheese at the G8 meeting in Hokkaido!

You also have to be on the lookout as all kind of new places are opening for all those that disappear too quickly. Mando will open on March 1st.

That particular sign for the same establishment is only for pre-opening parties!

You do have to keep your eyes open for those narrow alleys hiding some beauties. Always look around for those small red lamps!

Some shops have quaint names: “Undefeated” for a sport and shoes store?

Shops for everybosy and every priority: Herb Boutique!

The oldest Curry restaurant (Japanese-style curry) in Shizuoka City (sorry for the fuzzy pic!)!

Rouge et Piquant is a rarity as far as cafes and cake shops go! Open from 14:00 to 24:00.


Certainly the best cake and coffee offering at this time of the night!
All non-smoking as a bonus!

The Chinese are slowly and steadily coming: Shikinjo/Forbidden City. The owners and staff are all from Beijing. This is their second restaurant. Above average.

Nothing to do with food, but have you heard about Korean Massage? I haven’t!

Taking of Korea, Juju isthe oldest Korean Restaurant in Shizuoka City. Good stuff there!

As for this Korean Restaurant, only the sign is worth the effort!

Karaoke was supposedly (at least the term) invented in Japan, right?

Another one!

There is no Shinto Shrine in this particular street, but this izakaya might have the right idea!

A novel way to attract customers?

Imposing even from behind.
Must be at 3 metres high. All hollow and palstic-made. Certainly not “Made in China”! I wonder how big the mold was!

I just love these “noren”/Izakaya curtains!
For night owls!

This one too is a beauty!

The beautifull all wood sign for Tomii Restaurant and building.

The same building owned by the same family hosts Tomii Japanese Restaurant onthe first floor, my favourite in Shizuoka Ciy,

and Aquavite, the best Italian restaurant in Shizuoka!

Liquor shops (2) in that particular streets are open until 24:00 whereas other similar shops all close before 21:00 in this city.
The name “Aruco”/アルコ stands for “Alcohol”!

Not many signs in that street, but this one is a beauty for its concept and horror English!
“Deep Eross Virsion Mouse” stands for “Deep Eros/Erotic Vision Mouse”!
Any IT nerd interested?

Fashion boutiques are also open very late!

I told you to keep an eye open for those intriguing narrow alleys, didn’t I?

This particular one holds the Shizuoka Vegan and Vegetarian aradise, namely Yasaitei!

Going back to signs: “Crow Bar”!
Great name for a bar, isn’t it?
I have promised myself to investigate it!

We’ve seen that guy before, haven’t we?

Are we supposed to drink twice there?

You still can find a very few old traditional restaurants inthis particular street.

The same place.
Only problem is that it is bleeding epensive and patronized by old rich people! (I’m old, but not rich!LOL)

Another new Japanese Restaurant, saying they serve North-East Chinese Gastronomy. Why do they advertize Taiwan ramen, then?

On the other hand their prices are reasonable. Might have to investigate.

I found this place hidden in the corridor behind the above Chinese restaurant.

It’s called “Yozhik” in Russian, meaning “Hedgehog”!
I must say I was quite iuntrigued.
It is a beautiful little shop/cafe full of hedgehogs!
I decided to keep that one for a single posting!LOL

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