Sushi: Shizuoka Marine Products from the Ocean to the Gastronomic table: Ginta!

Suruga Bay Sushi Nigiri Tray!

Caring about local food does not concern only vegetables, fruits and meat from a certain region, but alそ its marine products!
In the case of Shizuoka Prefecture it can safely be assumed this represents half of its total food production!


Mr. Hara, owner and chef of this minuscule sushi restaurant in Yui, Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City, has established a name as a reference products when it comes to sushi. Although he also serves marine products from other areas of Japan, it is eminently possible to devise and order solely from the Suruga Bay!

Just in case you did not know, Mr. Hara makes sure that his customers understand this the land (and sea) of Sakura shrimps!

So when we visited the restaurant last week, the Missus and I, we decided to order only locally.
The above snacks coming with Eikun sake from Yui are namako/sea slug/海鼠 lightly boiled and pickled and ika shiokara/pickled cuttle-fish/烏賊塩辛.

Top: Hirame Konbujime/sole marinated in seaweed/平目昆布〆, Tachiuo Ponzu Momijioroshi/Sacbbard Fish seasoned with ponzu and grated daikon with chili pepper/太刀魚ポン酢もみじおろし, Fugu Ponzu Negi Momijioroshi/Globefish with Ponzu, leeks and grated daikon with chili pepper/ふぐポン酢ねぎもみじおし, Kawahagi Kimo Ae/Filefish with its liver/かわはぎ肝和え

Bottom: Kanpachi/Greater Yellowtail-Amberjack/かんぱち, Aji/Horse mackerel/鯵, Ishidai/Barred Knifejaw/石鯛, Sakura ebi/Sakura-Cherry shrimps/桜えび

We both ordered the above Suruga Nigiri Tray composed of 8 different fish and shrimp all from the Suruga Bay on the other side of the quay!
For 1,800 yen/20 US $, a real bargain (considering you will not find it in Tokyo!)!

You can see and check the seasonal tray on small cards on the wall!

We couldn’t resist from ordering the sakura ebi kakiage/sakura shrimps tenpura/桜海老掻き揚げ, the representative dish of the local seafood!
One dish is enough for two, I can guarantee you!

And of course a bowl of sakura ebi shiru/sakura shrimps soup/桜海老汁!

You can be sure that the next visit will come soon!

421-3111 Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Yui, Konjuku, 165 (5 minutes walk from Yui JR Station)
Tel.: 0543-75-3004
Business hours: 11:00~23:00
Closed on Tuesdays

421-3111 Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Yui, Konjuku, 165 (5 minutes walk from Yui JR Station)
Tel.: 0543-75-3004
Business hours: 11:00~23:00
Closed on Tuesdays

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8 thoughts on “Sushi: Shizuoka Marine Products from the Ocean to the Gastronomic table: Ginta!”

  1. R-G,

    Thanks for the warning and looking forward to your non-smoking sushi report.
    WHEN will Japan finally go “smoke free indoors”?
    There’s nothing good about it and all the facts against are all in.
    Anyway, back to great bento and the terrific Shizuoka life.



    1. Dear Pat!
      My hunch is that Japan will go “smoke free indoors” the moment smoke is eradicated from trains and platforms.
      But I shall soon be able to help convince restaurants to prohibit smoking….
      Your comments are always so welcome!
      Take good care of yourself!


  2. Good question. I’d like to know, too, as I am planning a return visit to Yui this springtime. It’s a terrific place for a long stroll near the sea, with Fujisan in sight.

    Another question, which I will fully load: Does Hara-san allow smoking to pollute his food in the restaurant? I hope not.

    When I was there last year I had a fine lunch prepared by the housewives and sold in a little vegetable store near the station.



    1. Dear Pat!
      It is on the right!
      Unfortunately smoking is allowed, but I know one sushi in Shizuoka where smoking is prohibited!
      I promise to report on it soon!


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