Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (March 2011): Mark & Kunie Thornton Collecting Food In Numazu City!

Mark & Kunie/邦恵 Thornton!

Baird Brewery Fishmarket Taproom

It all started with an earthquake happening before a wedding ceremony!
Mark (from York, England) and Kunie (from Shizuoka Prefecture) were supposed to celebrate their long due wedding ceremony on Sunday march 20th when all had to be postponed after the terrible earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the north east of Japan.

Numazu City Fishing Harbor

Mark’s family just couldn’t come, and he and his gentle wife were left with an empty date.
But it takes more to rock those two off their feet.
If they couldn’t celebrate their wedding yet, they could make this momentous day a very useful one.

Baird Beer!

There is a great place in Numazu City called the Fishmarket Taproom where Bryan Baird brews his beers (he even had one ready for Mark and Kunie’s wedding party!) under the vaunted name of Baird Beer, which has recently been rewarded with international rewards.

Baird Beer’s labels!

Now Kunie has relatives (a cousin among them) in Yaizu City.
Yaizu City (with Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City) is one of the main tuna fishing harbors in Japan, a calling port for all tuna fishing boats including those from Miyagi Prefecture, the most devastated area in the recent earthquake.

Our heroes and Taproom’s staff!

Fishing boats are already busy collecting food and other necessities for Miyagi Prefecture. Mark and Kunie thought they could add a little contribution of their own to turn that fated Sunday into a day to remember for a useful and much needed purpose.

With the help of the staff, including Chris Madera, they thought up a simple project:
Call all friends on Facebook and ask them to bring canned and tinned food (and others) directly to the Taproom from 12:00 on Sunday 20th. A great idea in its simplicity as canned food can last almost indefinitely and be warmed up for hot meals!

They announced other efforts already on the way!

Yes, charity does cost money, even through the Red Cross, but everyone donated without a fuss and socialized for a very long drink.

And the donations started coming!

View of the Taproom

Donators from all countries busy ordering!

Half the donators were Japanese.
Talk of international cooperation!

It soon got crowded and we were still early in the afternoon.

And donations kept piling up!

What can make you happier than providing a little help?

A well-done job needs a toast!

In spite of all the hardships there are thousands (and more) people deeply aware of what’s needed in times of crisis.
It is those “little gestures” that make this world a little easier to live in!

Mark, Kunie, gals and lads, a profound thanks from all!

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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