Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Hama No Kama Meshi at Kakegawa City JR Station

Although both seem to have their own, the JR Stations of Kakegawa City and Hamamatsu City share quite a few ekiben/railway lunch boxes!

Although I bought this particular one at Kakegawa JR Station, it is a Hamamatsu product as the name states:

Hamamatsu Meibutsu/浜松名物/Hamamatsu Famous Product, Hama no Kama Meshi/浜の窯めし/Hama stands for Hamamatsu, Kama for a kind of cauldron and Meshi for Rice/Lunch.

Jishotei Co. clearly announces the ingredients!

Interestingly enough, they provide a spoon instead of chopsticks. You’ll see why later!

Now, what do we have?

The rice is of the takikomi gohan type, meaning that it was steamed with the juices of some ingredients placed on top of the rice as well as containing soy sauce and bits of shiitake mushroom. carrot, burdock root and chicken.
Th lower right quarter was covered with chicken soboro, or “powdered chicken, while the left quarter was covered with Japanese cucumber pickles mixed with bits of shiso.
In the center was placed a small simmered shiitake.
In the middle from right to left, red pickled ginger, boiled carrot and chestnut cooked in syrup.

There was also broiled eel in the middle!

The upper half was covered with tamago soboro, sweet powdered oemelette, with green peas.
A half slice of boiled lotus root was also included for taste and design!

As the “cauldron” was deep the whole ekiben was very satisfying and yummy!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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