Bryan Baird’s Newsletter (2011/12/06): Two First-Time Seasonal Releases (Taste the Yeast Difference)

Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin

Two First-Time Seasonal Releases (Taste the Yeast Difference)

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

Yeast is the most mysterious and arguably most important ingredient in beer. It is a living single-cell organism whose job in the brewery is to transform the sweet wort made by brewers into beer. It does this by eating the wort sugars and turning them into alcohol, CO2 and myriad other chemical byproducts. There exist many different strains of cultivated brewers’ yeast, each with a unique personality which imparts different characteristics to the fermented beer.

In the Baird Beer brewery, we employ three different strains of yeast to ferment our beer: (1) a Scottish ale yeast which is our main house strain, (2) a Belgian yeast strain noted for its use in witbier fermentations, and (3) a lager yeast known to be used widely in North American lager breweries. We selected these strains after many brewing trials because we felt they performed better than others given the processing techniques used at our brewery.

Recently, both for our own edification and that of our customers, we have been fermenting many of our year-round brands with a yeast strain other than the one we normally employ. Today we are releasing two more of these non-standard yeast fermented year-round beers: (1) Numazu Ale and (2) Red Rose Belgian Ale.

New Baird Beer Seasonal Releases:

*Numazu Ale (ABV 5.4%): Obviously, this is Numazu Lager fermented with an ale yeast (our Scottish ale strain). Drink this side-by-side Numazu Lager and witness for yourself the flavor difference between a lager and ale yeast fermentation.

*Red Rose Belgian Ale (ABV 5.8%): Yes, we have fermented Red Rose Amber Ale (normally done with our Scottish ale strain) with our Belgian ale strain. How similar are they? How different? What is the difference? Please taste it for yourself.

Both Numazu Ale and Red Rose Belgian Ale will begin pouring from our Taproom taps on Wednesday, December 7. They also will be available at other fine Baird Beer retailing establishments throughout Japan — in both draught and bottle (633 ml) form — beginning the same day.


Bryan Baird

Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

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