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Japanese Cuisine: Sauteed Prawns/Professional Recipe

The Japanese are a bit crazy about prawns, but when you look at the mind-bogling varieties available in this country, no wonder i’m gladly following into their steps.

I have already introduced the basic professional recipe for Japanese-style deep-fried prawns.
Here is another easy-to-follow basic professional recipe for sauteed prawns.
I will skip quantities as this is a general recipe opened to variations.
Incidentally Sauteed Prawns in Jpaanese is Ebi Itame/海老炒め.

-Wash the prawns. Sponge off the water. Take heads off. Cut the prawns along the back across the shell as deep as one third from the tail to half the thickness by the “head end”.

-Get rid of the innrds by inserting a toothpicke under them and pulling upwards. Clean the flesh with some kitchen paper.

-Prepare a light batter with 2 tablespoons of flour, a lttle salt and pepper, and water.
Dip the prawns in it completely, including inside the cut.

-Prepare a filling with finely chopped garlic and parsley, salt and pepper to taste and some cornstarch (just enough to hold it!).
Fill the slit made along the back of the prawns with it.
The batter you have dipped the prawns will add the necessary zest.

-Pour oil in a fry pan and heat.
Place the prawns with their indented back down. Press with the ladle long enough to help the heat penetrating the whole prawn.
Turn prawns onto their side and cover with lid.

-Once the prawns are 95% cooked, take off lid, pour some japanese sake (or barndy) and stir around once. If you think that your prawns lack a bit of zip, add salt (little, please!), pepper and chili pepper (or other spices) before adding the sake.

-Serve immediately!

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