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French Cuisine: Saucisson Brioche/Sausage in Brioche


Even to these days I cherish the memory of this French specialty originating from the City of Lyon that we were served either as an appetizer or main dish: Saucisson Brioche, namely a sausage baked inside a salty (as opposed to the sweet pastry) brioche.

The recipe is not that difficult and open to many variations!

INGREDIENTS:: For up to 6 people
-One sausage. In France, it would be a Lyon sausage, of the soft type including pistacchio. Some soft sausages found in Italy, Germany and the US should well! If you eat kosher or halall, choose a sausage of mutton or beef.
-All purpose flour: 250 g
-Dry baking yeast: 4~5 g
-Eggs: 3
-Fresh Cream: 150 ml (thick type or sour cream)
-salt: to taste


-Prepare the pastry:
In a large bowl break the eggs and beat them with a fork. In a separate bowl sift the flour and yeast first. Add the eggs to flour little by little mixing them in with a spatula. Then add cream and mix until you get a smooth batter.

-Poach the sausage for 15 minutes in boiling water. Take out and peel “skin” off.

-In a pound cake mold, non-stick if possible, put a large piece of cooking paper buttered on both sides. Pour in half of the batter. delicately put the sausage in the meiddle and cover with the rest of the batter. Cover with a piece of cloth and let rest for 15 minutes at room temperature.
During that time preheat oven to 6/7 (200 degrees Cesius).

Bake in oven for 40 minutes.
Take out of the mold still hot and serve just above lukewarm with a lettuce salad.
Red Bourgogne wine is best with it!

Note: You can cook the day before and reheat it before serving!

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Iruka Ham Co.: Basil and Tomato Sausage

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In the heat of summer, a snack is always welcome with a cool (cold) beer!
The more welcome if it is locally made with local products!

Made with chicken and pork from animals raised in Shizuoka Prefecture, it makes for good traceability. I found it in Kakegawa JR Station Supermarket as it is made in neighbouring Mori Machi.
The introduction of basil and tomato is certainly a good idea, giving an extra light taste to an already very light snack.
Taken out of its protective skin it cuts very easily into any shape you can imagine.
Great with salads with the beer after a long hot work day!

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