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Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin 2007 #32

-Seasonal Release: Yamanashi Sumomo Ale
-Taproom Countdown Party (Monday, December 31)
-Hatsujozo 2008 Double IPA

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

Year 2007 is entering its midnight hour. As we reflect on time past and anticipate the year ahead, we also stumble in our cellar upon one of the beer gems of 2007 not yet to see the inside of a thirsty enthusiasts’ pint glass. Yamanashi Sumomo Ale was brewed way back in the hot summer month of July and has been conditioning cool and quiet in the recesses of our cellar
since packaging in early August. Upon cracking a test bottle, one thought became clear: this is the way the year 2007 wants to end. And thus it will be — our final beer salute to yet another fine year of living and drinking.

*Yamanashi Sumomo Ale (ABV 5.6%):

Yamanashi prefecture is the fruit capital of Japan. Our friends at Four Hearts Cafe in Kofu city make it a point to see that some of this fine fruit makes it over the border to Shizuoka prefecture where it may find its way into the brewing kettles at Baird Beer. A sumomo is a Japanese plum, deep purple in color, juicy in character, sweetly tart in flavor and pleasingly
aromatic. Yamanashi Sumomo Ale is light in body (additions of malted wheat and Japanese korizato sugar see to this), highly attenuated (due to low mashing temperatures), and briskly fruity (thanks to additions of fresh sumomo). Extra zest is provided courtesy of the all-natural carbonation produced during secondary fermentation.

Yamanashi Sumomo Ale is now being served at our Fishmarket Taproom and will be available in both bottle- and keg-conditioned form through the fine family of Baird Beer retailers in Japan beginning Friday, December 28.
Let’s bid farewell to 2007 in the finest beer fashion possible.

*Taproom Countdown Party (Monday, December 31):

As tradition now dictates, we will be partying out the current year and partying in the next on December 31 at The Taproom’s annual Countdown Party. Per our custom, the party will be organized around a delicious Mexican-style fiesta buffet that features a do-it-yourself taco and nacho bar as well as a host of other Mexican cuisine-inspired original Taproom dishes. Best of all, you can gorge all evening for only 1,000 yen per person! The buffet will be served from 5:00 PM until 11:00 PM. Reservations not required.

*Hatsujozo 2008 Double IPA (ABV 8%):

At the stroke of midnight, Baird Beer Year 2008 will be inaugurated with the tapping of Hatsujozo (“First Brew”) 2008 Double IPA. This year’s version sees a reduction in the use of Maris Otter in favor of lighter bodied Pilsner and Vienna malts, the replacement of korizato sugar with the elegant character of sudakito sugar, and a cleaner and more floral hop character (combination of Simcoe, Magnum, Horizon, Vanguard and Sterling).
Dry-hopping is conducted with loads of Vanguard and Sterling hops. A complimentary glass of Hatsujozo 2008 will be served to all patrons for the inaugural toast of 2008. Please plan to join us for a most special and festive evening.

Hatsujozo 2008 Double IPA will also be available through Baird Beer retailers in Japan. The bottle-conditioned version has been packaged in large 633 ml bottles (as opposed to our standard 360 ml bottles). Beginning in 2008, virtually all seasonal Baird Beer will be bottled exclusively in 633 ml bottles.

*Remainder: The Fishmarket Taproom will be closed on January 1-2. It will
re-open on Thursday, January 3 for a special Shogatsu celebration (noon – 6:00 PM) featuring special shogatsu dishes cooked up by Sayuri and Kyoko (300 to 600 yen) and 500 yen pints of Hatsujozo 2008 Double IPA. The Taproom will return to normal business hours beginning Friday, January 4.

Happy New Year!

Bryan Baird

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