Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (1)

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It seems that lunch boxes, bento in Japanese, are increasingly becoming popular with foreigners, not only in Japan but with a lot of former of expats who spread the word back home.
Since my better (worse?) half does have to prepare a bento for me at least three times a week, It is only doing justice to her to introduce what she concocts (I will ot impose the sandwiches I sometimes “order”!) with a lot of care, I must admit.

Today’s fare was “hijiki gohan”, rice steamed with hijiki seaweed, carrots, soy sauce, sake and I do not know what else, with some homemade Japanese pickles. The accompanying “dish” is from bttom to top, left to right, “kamaboko/fish paste” inserted with Shizuoka-made “wasabizuke/pickled wasabi”, boiled eggs, sweet violet yams dessert stew/”murasaki satsuma imo ni”, fresh plum tomatoes, roast pork and sauce, French pickles/”cornichons”, lettuce and greens!

A complete lunch as you can se!
Look forward to the next posting!

6 thoughts on “Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (1)”

  1. Dear Naoko!
    Sometimes WordPress and other Blog Providers introduces related blog postings. That is why you found mine under your blog!
    Well, I consider myself lucky to make acquaintance with a new blogging friend in Hyogo Ken!
    I’m visiting your blog right away!


  2. Hi, my name is Naoko living in Hyogo.
    I discovered your blog by tagging.(I don’t know how it works but your blog is showed under my blog post.)
    I am practicing English writing now, so I am sorry if my English doesn’t make sense.
    I love your blog and come again. Thank you.


  3. Bonjour, Veronique, et merci de m’avoir rendu visite!
    J’ai remarque que ton magnifique blog etait en allemand (que je peux lire). L’ecris-tu aussi en francais ou anglais?
    Je vais te rendre visite tout de suite!


  4. Pas beaucoup d’amateurs de wasabizuke sur Technorati… et un français parmi eux. Il parait que notre goût pour certains fromages nous avantage. Je reviendrai sûrement faire un tour sur ce blog qui me donne très envie de refaire un tour au Japon!


  5. Dear Rowena!
    Thank you so much for your comments!
    Totally agree with you, although my wife, knowing my carelessnes usually put the bento into disposable boxes. In any case, I much doubt there would be a big enough one for me. LOL.
    It seems these boxes are readily available in the US now.
    Hawaii! A great place for hiking, isn’t it? And do people that it snows there, too?
    As for my home country, France, trekking has become a national pasttime with associations, registered members and the lot. The government has designated an educational and sports subject. A lot of subsidies are funnelled into better trekking envirnoment and reserved routes with very strict laws concerning the preservation of nature!


  6. Ahh… The bento lunch box! One of the greatest contributions from asian culture in my opinion, second to chop sticks. In Hawaii (my home state!), the bento is popular for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. I will need to remember to purchase the special containers the next time I’m back in the islands. Bentos would make the perfect picnic lunch on a spring hike!


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