Whale Meat

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One can easily eat whale meat at Sushi Restaurants In Shizuoka Prefecture or even buy it directly at supermarkets.
Most of it come from Sperm Whales/Mako Kujira.
Whale meat should not be confused with Iruka/Dolphins whose meat has appeared on Japanese tables since times immemorial. It concerns an entirely different taste and cooking.

Whale meat can be appreciated in various form:
“Kujira Tataki”, that is whale meat cooked in small cuts ready for sashimi.
“Kiujira Salad”, including Whale Tartare and Carpaccio.
“Kuijra Seikyoyaki”, a Japanese way of cooking and serving cut to be eaten with hot rice, or even instead of a beef steak.
“Kujira Karaage”, or deep-fried whale meat, great with sake!
As Sushi, it does come in many guises to accomodate various parts.
Each region has its own traditional ways and presentations.
Incidentally, whale meat is safer than any meat from land animal, as it is purely biological!


Setting the record straight:

I fully understand this article will not be appreciated by some people, but do not expect me to apologize for whatever reasons!
I would like to to remind short memories that whales were practically decimated from (under) the surface of this world in the 19th Century by US and European whalers for their oil used in lamps. When the US in particular realised that they were quickly running out, they pushed for mineral oil exploitation with the economical and political consequences we are still suffering from. In short the ovekilling of whales is the direct cause and link to wars in the Middle East.
Last but not least, who and what was Commodore Perry after all?
A whaler! The US had had promoted a common whaler captain to the grand rank of Commodore for the political and diplomatic needs of the time as he happened to ply his trade in nearby seas!
I mentioned that whale meat is safer than beef. Incidentally, who practically exterminated bisons as a policy for driving Indians (Amerindians) out of the way and now makes a big deal of protecting them?

11 thoughts on “Whale Meat”

  1. Salut,

    vu tout ce que j’ai lu sur ton blog (ne crois pas que si je ne poste pas de commentaires ça veut dire que je ne te lis pas) je vais devoir passer par chez toi pour tout gouter, tu veut je te ramene quelque chose à manger ou a boire d’Italie, en echange?
    La viande de baleine … mmmmhhh ça à l’air vraiment pas mal.


  2. Bikkuri, greetings!
    No, I certainly did not oversell the avaibility. In fact, whale meat can be bought at Shizuoka JR Station Parche Supermarket on a daily basis. Nothing easier to check!
    Mie Prefecture is a great place, and I’m not saying that to soothe you! They do have great sake, my favourite drinks, beautiful nature and plenty of fish.
    In Shizuoka we are blessed with an enormous variety of fish (half of it goes directly to Tokyo, though), vegetables (we produce the first winter vegetables in Japan) and meat thanks to a fairly mild weather and propitious marine environment in Suruga Bay.
    Incidentally, “Commmodore” Perry called port at Shimoda, a harbour located at the southern tip of Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture…
    I love whale meat, but I do understand there should be a limit on the catching, like for tuna, shark and the rest.
    This said, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a message!


  3. Um, are you sure you didn’t oversell the availability in an attempt to rile-up those who you knew would be opposed? Occasionally I have seen whale meat, but it is far from generally available in Mie (Perhaps Shizuoka has some special source). The whale meat has been coming from the limited number of whales legally caught for research.

    Anyhow, I didn’t find anything particularly special about the whale I ate.


  4. Salut! Edouard!
    What pisses me off about some people who complain about the Japanese killing whales is that the same people some time ago were killing whales for their oil and making soap only and throwing the rest back into the sea.
    Now the Japanese, and Polynesians, too, by the way (what do Kiwis say about that?), have always hunted whales (not all, by the way) for the food since times immemorial.
    Last, but not least, who is overfishing the seas most?
    Who is doing the most research and take steps to preserve fish and refill the seas?


  5. People killing whales is a shame, it’s true. But what would be an unforgivable sin would be to waste what we just killed.
    Anyway, the sound of whale meat makes me hungry. I’m really going to try this once i get to japan.
    As always your blog makes people gein weight … be proud.

    Salut! et Merci.


  6. RG, I tried kujira sashimi on a couple of occasions and I didn’t like the texture as much as plain fishies. As karaage though… I tend to like anything fried! I had a puffer fish in my home aquarium, and have to say that I don’t like eating fugu either! What can I say, I’m just a tree hugger from California…


  7. Dear Zen!
    I was just making a point (which I incidentally made to my own brother back in France!).
    Actually the US are not the only culprits. The French (Basques and Bretons) and Norway did a lot to contribute to the near extinction of whales.
    Now, France wants to put a moratorium!
    Oh well (1967, Fleetwod Mac)…
    Best regards,


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